View Full Version : Claws that are safe, but look good

07-16-2002, 06:01 AM
Has anyone done a costume with claws before? The kind I'm talking about are artificial spikes, not nails (like Freddy Krueger). What materials should I use and how should I attach them? They're coming out of the fingertips of a pair of gloves. Here's a pic of who I'm going as:

http://rsnet.telefragged.com/rs2/18b_06.jpg (Kurow) (http://rsnet.telefragged.com/rs2/18b_06.jpg)

If it makes a difference, I'm pretty much set with the gloves. The claws are the only thing I have left to do. thanks!

07-16-2002, 10:27 AM
Well, maybe you could paper mache 10 cones that fit around your finger, spray paint them silver or whatever color, cut tiny holes in the glove and slip them through (from the inside out, point first) and glue them in place.
I'm not sure how clear that is, but I tried. ^^;

07-21-2002, 10:13 PM
someone suggested I cut up detergent bottles and round off the tips so they won't scratch. Think that'd work?