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01-18-2003, 06:56 PM
Hi all,

I'm wondering who has played either of the Dragon Warrior Monsters II games?

It's similur to the Pokemon series but it actually has a charming story about saving the town of Greatlog from sinking.

There are 2 carts the Cobi cart and the Tara cart. Tara's cart more focuses on defensive monsters and Cobi's cart has more offensive monsters.

You gain keys in the tournament that unlock new lands to explore that also have new monsters to collect and later on you can breed them for more powerful and rare monnsters. thre kid monster becomes more powerfull than it's parents by inherating some of it's parent's skills.

You can also happen across eggs that will hatch monsters and you can change the monsters sex that is in the egg.

You have meat that you can feed a monster in hopes that it'll join you but it may take a while.

there are like a couple hundred monsters total in thre game with a few being exclusive to each cart. but you can trade monsters.

You can even battle between carts with the link up and the monsters get some pretty cool spells that are typical to the Dragon Warrior universe plus some I'mn not familur with.

This cart does not have random built worlds that the 1st DWM game had. DWM2 has much better story that I can't wait to see the end to.

The Quests to save the town of Greatlog are quite fun and are a total blast.

I'm wanting to become a Slime Monster Master since I have a soft spot for the slimes.

So far I'm giving the game a 8.5/10


Viral Harvest
01-19-2003, 02:04 AM
I bought the first one quite a few years back and it was pretty good. It really has that Dragon Warrior feel to it and the fact that you can fight with a party of 3 monsters ruled too.

However, it never did match up to the other Dragon Warrior games. Dragon Quest V (Not released in US), Dragon Warrior III, and Dragon Warrior VII were truly epic games with unique and incredible storylines. If you liked DW Monsters, you gotta check those out :)

---Viral Harvest

01-19-2003, 11:30 AM
I have DW all the Dragon Warrior games including Dragon Quest V, and VI. I just don't know enough Japanese to play DQ V & VI.

DWMII is right up there with the best the series has to offer. I'd say that DWMII is my 2nd fav DW game right behind DWIII for the GBC.

I really hope Enix (SquareEnix now) releases DW V & VI for the GBA and then Enix U.S.A. branch releases them in English.

I'm also planning a Roric costume from the regular DW series.