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07-10-2005, 01:31 AM
Hey everyone! Newbie to the site here, forgive me if there's already a topic about this. I didn't find anything for sword-making, only the costume itself. ;_;

Anyway, I just finished making the Shinigami kimono/hakama, and now... I have to put together a Zanpaku-to/Soul Slayer. I'd probably be best off cosplaying Ichigo [as I'm too tall to do Hitsugaya], so I'll be making an attempt at putting together a Zangetsu, in the second form.

My question is... any suggestions on how to do it? My thoughts right now are... I have a FedEx box... A long [about 4-5 feet long] three-sided box [I'd just cut one side out], and then cut it to the right shape, and put something like a broomstick inside for support and a handle, and then... either papier mache it and paint it, or something. I've never made a weapon before though, so I don't know.

Anyone have any ideas on how to make such a thing?

[Also, if you have any hints for the Shinigami sandals, I'd greatly appreciate that too. :3]

07-10-2005, 11:37 AM

This thread will probably help you out a LOT. <3

07-10-2005, 12:01 PM
Whoa. That's incredibly useful. I'll have to give that some thought.

Thank you sooo much! \^^/

07-11-2005, 12:59 AM
cardboard?! paper mache?! screw thattttttttt. all you need is some nice wood. i hear pine is relatively light and strong. draw zangetsu out on the wood and use a jig-saw to cut it out. when i made my zangetsu, i was afraid that the weight of the blade would snap @ the top of the handle so i used 2 other pieces of wood shaped in the same way as the middle piece. so imagine the a 1-piece sword with the handle sandwiched between 2 handle-shaped pieces. i used 5 screws to attach them together. i've seen plenty of ichigo's that dont have support and it seemed to work for them. but it was fun swinging mine around and stamping it on the ground and stuff. it even held up 2 of my 100+ friends *like a real zangetsu should :bigtu: * ok, to get rid of the "wood" texture, primer it up, sand it smooth, primer again, sand it smooth. then apply black paint. a few coats. use masking tape and shape it like a curve. spray paint silver/gray to the blade. remove masking tape (make sure it's good quality new masking tape or else it'd rip off layers of paint with it BOO) you might want to also use hotglue to secure the hilt-wrap, because it was a pain for me when it kept unravelling. that's my experience. may your ichigo cosplay rock (for ichigo's sake). goodluck and PM me if u have more questions!