View Full Version : I don't know if I should go or not.

08-04-2005, 02:38 AM
I'm really new to this, and really don't have any "real" costumes. Just a lot of ideas I'm not sure I can do. Annoyingly, I've been putting up posts like crazy to get more information, but more so the nerve to go. I usually get the general vibe that I don't fit anywhere I go. This usually isn't true in reality. But I still never feel right in doing anything just for the hell of it. Especially if it costs money to do. I wouldn't mind going, but I just can't get my mind around going for no real reason. Then again some say that no reason is reason enough. I could use a bit help to build up some nerve to give it shot, as I really don't have any friends I could go with, or meet while attending. If you can't tell by now, I tend to get discouraged easily. And I'm not getting as many responses lately. Getting diffucult to tell if people are busy with a real life, or if they just got sick of me. The main point is that I'm usually too nervous to leave the house, or too paranoid of pissing people off. And as far as costuming is concerned, I have a few ideas that prove expensive, and one or so that I could beef up a hair. I also tend to fill these posts with more weird crap than I should. If anyone is still here (thank you) I need some motivation.

I wouldn't mind a few posts, but if you are in Colorado let me know.

08-04-2005, 03:13 AM
If you have the chance, go! Or at least go on Saturday! It's a lot of fun. My first NDK, I was oblivious to the word 'cosplay', I lost my schedule, I didn't have anyone with me, and I was scared out of my minds BUT I had a blast! ^_^ So don't worry. Bring a camera and take pictures of cosplayers. You can usually start up a conversation with people while waiting in line and whatnot. And the dealer's room is really fun if you have money...or not. (I had, like, $20 at my first NDK but I was still amused for hours. ^_^;; So much cool stuff!) So, what I'm getting at, is that you should go if you can. It's fun! (but please make sure to take a shower ^_^ nobody wants to hang out with a stinky anime fan) Oh, and if you need anything else, you can ask me (cuz I'm a nice person!) ^_^

And you live in Loveland? cool (I know where that is! OMG,YAY XD) I live in the suburbs of Denver (Where I live in unincorporated so I donít know what to call itÖ)

Lady Hoshi
08-04-2005, 03:21 AM
i'm not in colorado but me an my partner are going. i don't think anyone cosplays or goes to cons cause they can afford to. right now i'm saving both for a new cosplay and to go to nan desu kan. sure it costs money, but if you never did anything that cost you would miss out on alot. i want to go cause i hear this is a good con and there are several cosplay.com members i wish to meet in person. also, any con is a great excuse to cosplay. cosplay cause you want to.

and about fitting in, i never fit in anywhere either. i just am friendly and eventually find something in common with everyone i meet. i think most people that attend anime cons feel they don't fit in.

08-04-2005, 06:53 AM
Thanks. That's really encouraging. Oh and Lady Artemis, if your area is unincorporated you could get away with saying you live in the darkest regions of the netherworld and be believable. ^_- And on a side note, (please do not take this in a pervert way) do you think I could pull a decent Mana costume? Or do I look a bit too masculine for that? Just curious.

08-04-2005, 10:25 AM
Dante_realremix -> I'd definitely chime in with the people saying go Saturday. It's not terribly expensive for the busiest day at the convention, and you'll be able to see whether you like it or not.

I find that cosplayers are some of the warmest people I've ever met in terms of accepting each other. You should come!

08-04-2005, 01:51 PM
It would be great if you come. It doesn't matter if your not in any costume because not everyone cosplays anyways. It would be great to see you and you would have so much fun.

You can always make new friends at cons and they are just so much fun to go to costume or not.


Pink Spider
08-04-2005, 02:46 PM
I would encourage you to go. Lilacwire is very right. Cosplayers are the nicest people ever. Waiting in lines, and taking pictures can get you into any conversation. Just being in an atmosphere were everyone likes the same thing helps matters even more. NDK really is a blast. If you're still iffy about it, wait and go just on saturday. Best day of the whole thing, and the most people too. If you really want to spend the money on cosplay...you should do it. For me and I'm sure many others, it makes the event even more fun. Yet, cosplaying or not, you'll still have a blast ^^

08-08-2005, 01:37 AM
Come on, it's a good time! =D Oh, and a sure way to save some money is to pack a lunch.. ^.~ I know it sounds silly, but it really worked for me at Kunicon.

Just relax, and you'll have a great time. ^^ We do!

08-27-2005, 09:56 AM

You'd better go! There's no reason to be nervous, you're cool. I see your pics. This'll be my first con, I'll be dressed up like a future Dante. Give a holla and come chill for awhile if you want! :bigtu:

Totally come man! It'll be fun. And, yes I am in Colorado, the Springs to be exact. If you need any last minute costume adjustments, I'll try to help out.

So let me know when you are coming and we'll meet up and chill for a bit!

BTW, your quote is awesome! :skidude2:

Also, I am alot like you. I am nervous and will sometimes stay home and hide. But I am getting out of that. You just have to try new things, and try them with effort. It's okay to have a "cheap" costume, but one can still present himself like a pro! You'll be fine with or without a costume. And like I said, I'll be around a while.

08-28-2005, 06:09 AM
Wow. That's the most enthusiastic responce I've gotten here.

I was thinking Saterday. As far as costumes go though I might show up as a random Raccoon City cop, or just my usual self. PM me. It's easy.

08-28-2005, 09:56 AM
Wow. That's the most enthusiastic responce I've gotten here.

I was thinking Saterday. As far as costumes go though I might show up as a random Raccoon City cop, or just my usual self. PM me. It's easy.

Hey, you'd be cool as RPD. And there'll probably be fun photo ops considering that RE 4 isn't that old and neither is RE Outbreak #2. I work at Media Play here in the Springs, so its fun to see the release dates on items.

Anybody else out there going from the RE franchise?