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Master Zero
01-28-2003, 12:45 AM
Ok, Im going to be Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery blunt. I think the new Yuna is Hot!

Taking the character into more depth, I'll tell you why.

Contrasting from the old Yuna design, the new Yuna appeals to today's pop culture trends and fads.

Case#1= The tight "booty shorts". I can trace it back to "the dukes of harzzard" with Daisy Duke. But it been seen in all sorts of places, like Hip Hop videos. Like "Juvenile's Back that Ass Up" rap song. Its a real fashion statement. And its pretty popular with some females in society.

Case#2= "The double-handgun". This you can say was influenced by John Woo. The Director of "The Replacement Killers". It makes any character just look like a straight up badass.

Case#3= "The Chick Factor" Seems that all the main, or important characters for FFX-2 are female. and lately in movies, some of the more lovable characters are women. Examples: Lara Croft, Alice from Resident Evil, and Charlie's Angels. All strong and independent women.

Yuna, in my point of view, will become a spokesmodel for anyone who is looking for a rolemodel. Weird as it may sound, I think it may be true. She starts off as being weak and later she steps forward and takes matter into her own hands.

This is why I think Yuna is a HOT girl. Not to mention, she has my upmost respect, even though shes a CG.

Let me know what ya'll think. Peace.