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09-14-2005, 11:51 AM
I need some help on an idea i came up with (not sure if anyone else done this idea or not). I was online today and i thought to myself "What would InuYasha and the others (besides Kagome) would look like and what style would they have if they were in the real world. I so want to try this idea, but i`m having trouble on how i would picture InuYasha if his red outfit were put into a modern day style like today.

Can anyone help me on giving some suggestions so that i may put this idea of mine into action?

Skyline Kyo
09-14-2005, 12:09 PM
Hmmm an interesting idea indeed!

Well we've seen how the others would look (in that one dream Kagome had) in modern days except Inuyasha.

Hmmm... I can see him dressed up like Ranma xD

09-14-2005, 12:24 PM
i`m going to try and cosplay as him in a modern day style, though he`ll still have something close to what he normally wears

Rain Miko
09-14-2005, 02:07 PM
That sounds like a cute idea. Remember to include the hat he wears in Kagome's time! ^_~

09-14-2005, 07:24 PM
That sounds like a cute idea. Remember to include the hat he wears in Kagome's time! ^_~

think i can get a pic of him wearing that same hat? ^.^

InuYasha Girl
09-15-2005, 09:04 PM
I got an idea here is a list you can do if you want to.

1.Red baggy tee
2.A pair of red sweat pants with a white line down the sides.
3.Flesh tone flip flops
4.Black hair with the same look and the same length.
5.His red hat.
6.A black strap back pack. "Like the string he has on his shirt thing."
7.Same fang necklace. "If you don't people will not know what you are."
8.His sword you can make to a knife. "Just an idea."

Hope that will help in any whay.

09-15-2005, 09:48 PM
O_o a knife? that would be kinda scary... i mean bak in the fuedal era it was ok to haf a sword becasue lyk everyone had em.... but WHO NOS?! rele good ideas tho! hmmm lets see i would picture iy in modern day to haf sneakers but HEY thats just me!
i think it would look cute with IY as still a hanyou but THATS JUST ME! and maybe him hafing a screen red tee with lyk a pic of ramen on it! cuz alot of guys wear screen tees!^_^

09-15-2005, 10:57 PM
I see Miroku in a tight-fitted black t-shirt and some really nice jeans, with maybe a short-sleeved shirt worn open over it and a pair of frameless glasses. Sort of hip and intellectual. He'd still have a ponytail, of course.

Sango would probably wear something a little tomboyish and sporty, but still cute, with a girly edge. Like a cropped pink hoodie sweatshirt and a denim miniskirt with sneakers.

I know you're mostly asking about Inuyasha, but this is how I picture Miroku and Sango. Kagome's fever-vision didn't seem quite right to me. Miroku, for one, seems like he'd be way too cool for a polo tee.

09-16-2005, 12:46 AM
In a different thread, I suggested making a red boy's school uniform for him...as if that would be what he'd get to wear to school. Looks just like a gakuran, only red.

But I'm not really good at these things, really. ^^;

09-16-2005, 01:04 AM
^_^ wow, there are so many possibilities

Kumi-Chan - Nice idea for Miroku and Sango ^.^ . i was sorta picturing Miroku wearing something casual (aka Darien from Sailor Moon) and Sango sorta something like Lita would wear.

InuYasha Girl - Nice list, but instead of black hair, i might go with his half-demon version. I`ll save the human version for another con though.

Can anyone help me find a pic of the hat he wore in one episode. I can`t remember what color it was, but i remember him wearing a hat in one episode

09-16-2005, 03:21 PM
OOOH !I CAN! http://www.aucifer.com/iyworld/82/20.jpg thers from eppy 82
http://www.aucifer.com/iyworld/90/6.jpg from eppy 90 ( so u can see the back)
http://www.aucifer.com/iyworld/128/10.jpg from eppy 128 so you can see the full thing. (ahhh! KAWAIII! lookie he has crumbs of food on his face! O_o sry fan girl moment )

09-16-2005, 06:39 PM
Ahhh cool idea! I went as 'Modernized' Inuyasha myself at Otakon 04'. I had a red baseball hat with 'Inuyasha' spelled out on the back and some dog ears that poked through it. I wore baggy, pocket-filled black pants [ because that's what I had, though red would have been preferable'. I wore a crude red vest and I had a white T-shirt that said: "Shikon no Tama---FOR YOU!" and had the jewel on it. That was the most clever thing I could think to put on the shirt [ plays on the 'no' as in Inuyahsa wants to keep the jewel for himself']. Feel free to use it lol. Spray painted my hair silver and I was done! [someday I'll get around to posting all my pics in a gallery]

Great idea! Also, remember that episode [ if you've gotten through the 3rd season] where Kagome actually does imagine Kouga, Inuyasha and Miroku if they were in the modern world? [ I think Inuyasha was in a jump suit, like all biker-ish *squeezes memory*].

Have fun!

09-16-2005, 11:49 PM
i figured i would go with the sweatpants idea, but i`m not sure where i can find a pair of red sweatpants