View Full Version : Possibly renting a car if anyone in Norcal (or on the way) wants to split the bill...

09-29-2005, 05:40 PM
This is my last ditch effort to reach animagic before either taking the Amtrak, or abandoning the trip alltogether. If there are enough people (in the general SF bay area, or can be picked up on the way in towns like modesto, fresno, bakersfield, etc) who can split the cost of a rental car for the weekend and gas, it would cost about $150 for the car and another $75 or so for gas. If we can get 5 people together, it would only cost $45 each for the trip, with 4 people $56, and 3 people $75.

If you are serious, let me know asap, and we can leave early tomarrow morning. I can be reached at rider V0


PS: If you actually have a car that you can use, that would of course be better, even it where only two people Id sooner spend something like $50 for gas, than pay amtrak $100.