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10-18-2005, 09:26 AM
:chatah: Hey Gang ! (It's the long awaited second half of...)

It's Show and Tell Time !

Let's see what you cool cats did for the first half of 2005 !:)

:jjacks: If you have a Con Report up for a Canadian Convention that happend between Jan 1st and June 31st of this year, (either here or on your blog or webpage,) and wish to share it with other Cosplayers and Cosplay Fans across the country, please post the link below. :bigtu:

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10-18-2005, 02:07 PM
Animaritime 2005
Held by Mount Alison Anime Club
Held when Feb 25-27, 2005

Day 1:

Well, Day one started of v. nicely. Went to register and the reg girl was v. nice and made us feel v. welcome. After that was all done, We (my party and I) decided to go shop around the vendors room. It was very nice, not too many vendors considering it is a small (but expanding) con. The vendors that were there had good deals and great prices. There was also a booth for Bawls (which if your a videogamer is from the game[grab your bawls and] Run Like Hell) which was v. nifty. The you could buy it by case and also by bottle, which was needless to say a staple drink and energy provider for the entire weekend. Since we arrived earlier in the day some of the pannels had already begun and we didn't want to disturb them in the middle. So we went to one of the 4 anime rooms and watched hellsing. I don't know who volunteered their copy, but it was of great quality. After that we attended the Japaneese language pannel. William Belanger the one of the con's co-chairs was the language guy and needless to say he did a very good job. We went to the guest meet and greet which was very nice, it was laid back and a way for people to mingle with each other to get to know one another. After that we took in some more anime and then went to Intro To Cosplay, which was out of my curiosity, because at the time I had just begun to get into cosplay. Then it was off for some more anime then to bed. Day one was a v. good introduction into the world of cons and cosplay fun was had by all. Well, my group atleast.

Day 2
I honestly can't say i was there the minute the con opened for day 2 mainly because i'm lazy and don't like to get up early in the morning. But this morning I donned my Seifer Almsay Costume and picked up my gunblade and trecked off to animaritime day two. The first think i did that day was attend the armour making pt 1 pannel. The pannel person was neekabe (she's on cosplay.com). Her various techniques for armour making were v. insightful and her various weapons and her hellboy cosplay (i don't remember the badguys name) was excellent. She also made your truly feel a wee bit bashful by telling my my gunblade was v. good. (yay beginner me!). After that we took in some ranma 1/2 then Sailor moon S (the movie). After that there was the cosplay contest. It was nice to see all the people in costume. There was alot of nautaro(sp?) costumes, but there was also inuyasha, final fantasy, gravitation and angel something...? I don't exactly remember. Anyways, yours truly won best female in cosplay. Which was a blast to me. After the contest the photoshoot took place, it was lots of fun and I got lots of pictures. After that I took in some wolf's rain and then went for lunch. there is this great pizza place just down the street for next year's attendees, just to let you know. After lunch we bummed around the dealers room and then went back to the hotel. Unfortunately I didn't stay for sunday, but I had lots of fun. So much infact, i've decided to go back next year and run a cosplay dinner.

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WOOT FOR AN Animaritimes post !!! :jjacks:

It's nice to hear from some other parts of Canada ^_^~!

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