View Full Version : New Weapons In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix!!!

02-03-2003, 07:02 PM
Here's some stuff I found online! Sora has two new keyblades called One-Winged Angel and Diamond Dust! Donald and Goofy also have two new weapons! I'll attach the pics!

02-03-2003, 07:03 PM
the other Keyblade...

02-03-2003, 07:05 PM
one of Donald's new rods...

*edit* can't get the Goofy/Donald pix to load... I'll work on it later!

02-04-2003, 06:01 AM
*gasps* those things are incredible! why is the english version always crappier.... T-T

it would be really cool to make one but i dont think i could, since ive never even made a weapon yet >_<

02-04-2003, 03:30 PM
*drool* Diamond Dust looks so freakin' cool.