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02-05-2003, 10:49 AM
Didn't know if I should place this here or in the member artwork section but...

We all know MegaTokyo, but there are many other great online manga that I have come across on the internet. Here are a few:

TimeScapes - http://www.neondragonart.com/ts/
9th Elsewhere - http://www.greenhaven.net/9e/
Sky Fall - http://www.skyfallmanga.com/
And my own Xamra - http://www.xamra.com

These guys are also members of RazorComics, which has other manga influenced online comics. http://www.razorcomics.com

Sorry if this sounds like an ad. No one is making money here. I just thought you guys would enjoy these. So please don't hit me. (covers head)

Good day.