View Full Version : Looking for groups!

11-19-2005, 02:44 PM
Ok, I got a few groups I am looking for:

I would like to meet with all :
J-rock Cosplayers
Due Le Quartz cosplayers
MYV cosplayers (*Miyavi/Miyabi*)
Full Metal Panic!(Fumoffu) cosplayers
Pretear cosplayers

I am hoping to get a lot of reaction out of the quality of my costumes this year. If you saw my one last year (*gasp* don't worry, it's gone now),a.k.a. the crappy kagome outfit, walking around with the mowhawked InuYasha, I would like to know how you guys like my costumes this year. Please PM me with most reasonable time, and I'll post when I would like to meet you all!


<3 Vicki