View Full Version : KH 1, not 2, Kairi skirt help!!!

01-05-2006, 06:08 PM
Oh man...I have just been re-caught up in the Kairi-ness, and I want so bad to make a KH1 Kairi cos. I have great material for everything, except one small detail...


You know, that part, on the skirt, with the little holes and the...*lack of describing*

The bottom of the skirt. With the flower-like thingers.

Yeah. That.

01-05-2006, 07:15 PM
I’ve made a Namine dress which also has a scalloped hem like Kairi’s skirt. For my dress, I marked semi-circles along the bottom and then zigzagged just inside the lines using a high stitch count on my sewing machine. After I finished, I took a small pair of scissors and carefully just beyond the stitching.

I’d recommend practicing on some scrap material first. If your fabric is thin, you might want to stitch together two layers when doing the scallops. I used a lightweight stretch cotton for my Namine dress and found that it tended to curl up if I tried to do scallops with just one layer. So, I made a lining in the same fabric and stitched the two layers together for the scallops. I think it came out pretty well and doesn’t unravel much. ^_^

As for the designs, maybe you could just paint them on? I had a couple of skirts that were scalloped and had similar designs. But trying to do little cutouts like that would cause some unraveling, assuming it’s not something that doesn’t unravel like suede.

01-06-2006, 09:31 PM
You could cut it out and make it kinda like a button-hole done by hand? That's what I was planning on doing for mine. That, or buy an attachment for the sewing machine (along with some my mom wants) that makes eyelets (those holes with stiching all around it like a button hole).

I'm going to make that costume soon, and I'm probably going to go with the first idea. I would suggest doing it on scrap fabric first.

01-08-2006, 08:36 AM
*takes out notebook and scribbles stuff down*

mmhmm....yes, yes....anyone else????

01-10-2006, 03:05 PM
I just did a kairi skirt not to long ago, and I actually used beads for the flowers instead of making holes. I also had fabric that hardly frayed, so I just measured out the circley things on the bottom and cut them. Very tedious, bt it worked. Just some suggestions ^__^