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Kawaii Kinomoto
03-06-2006, 10:45 AM
hey everyone... i was wondering if anyone who is attending march toronto anime convention at the metro toronto convention centre would want to cosplay as the characters from the gokusen live action drama starring yukie nakama, matsumoto jun, oguri shun, narimiya hiroki, etc. etc.

for those who dont know about the show, it's about a teacher by the name of yamaguchi kumiko who's family is in the yakuza (the japanese mafia), who gets stuck teaching class 3-d at shirokin high school, a class full of horrible delinquent boys who beat up people for fun, who steal for no reason, who are always labelled as "idiots" since they never pay attention in school and fail everything and who know nothing about the values of life. the show is about yankumi teaching the kids of the class about different values and the differences between violence and fighting as well as many other things allowing the class to defy the odds by graduating their final high school year.

that's pretty much a rough summary... but anyways... at the end of the show during the end credits the character play a popular game called kick the can which is a very interesting game and my friend and i thought it would be fun to play at the anime convention.

kick the can is a game where one player is selected to be "it". an obeject is chosen to be the "can" and one player either kicks or throws it somwehere far, then everyone except the person who's "it" runs and hides somewhere. the person who is "it" has to go get the can and put it back in the centre. the "it" person then begins to count to a high number and then has to begin looking for people by calling their name and where they are hiding. however the person who's "it" has to also protect the can so they can not wander too far from the can. if a person is spotted that person has to be tagged by the "it" person. if they are tagged they go to "jail" but if they are not that person can run to the can and throw/kick it somewhere far again and the game starts over again....

kind complicated but it would be so much fun to play at the anime convention. hehe:toothy:

people dont HAVE to cosplay as gokusen characters but it would just be kool if they did cuz they play the game in that show... i'm going to be yankumi...

the costumes are really simple to make... you guys can check this website out to see them and more info about the show


if you click on "drama" at the side it will take you to pics and descriptions