View Full Version : Hellsing Characters?

06-07-2006, 01:38 PM
GAH! My freinds planned a group cosplay without me, and it's Hellsing! They have no problem with me participating, but they need me to work on the cosplay myself(Well, they gave no objection to me participating... it's possible that they didn't hear me, so I'll be asking again). But, the thing is, I have no clue what character to choose. They already have Alucard, Anderson, and Walter. Two or three of their freinds are going as Nazi's from the series but they didn't specify which ones so I don't know if my first choice, Schroedinger, would be okay. I hate Ceres and I'm not manly enough for integra, so I'm really in a pickle here. Can anyone make a few suggestions? I haven't seen a great deal of hellsing beyond the first episode of the OVA and the messed-up anime version, so I might not know of all of the characters suggested.

06-07-2006, 01:48 PM
You could go as rip van winkle. the only hard part would be to gun the rest is just a suit. http://bukkorosu.net/manga/hellsing/rip.jpg
and there is always pip http://bukkorosu.net/manga/hellsing/pipfull.jpg
or maxwell http://bukkorosu.net/manga/hellsing/maxwell.jpg