View Full Version : Otakon 2002 - Ashton Anchors

08-05-2002, 06:36 PM
Wanted: Ashton Anchors, last seem at the Yasahiro Nightow guest appearance at Otakon 2002 in Panel 1. She had curly hair and two big Gyoro and Ururuns on her back.

I'm desperately searching for her. Anybody who might know the whereabouts or a screen name, picture, or webpage or anything at all, it will be greatly appreciated.

Please contact me at LtRckHnter@aol.com with the topic Ashton Anchors, or leave a comment..... It's greatly appreciated.

Request: Please copy/paste this and post this entry in any LiveJournal Anime Communitys, since I only have DJ. Thank you everybody!