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06-21-2006, 11:11 PM
CT con is almosttttttttt here, and my friend and I are looking for a Sora for a skit he had in mind. it's going to be a crossover of Gravitation and KH. pretty weird i know, but I really wanted to do something with him in the masq.

FearixAWolfgang (1:01:57 AM): Basically, the idea is that Axel is on a dating show with the two contestants being Sora and Roxas. The host is introduced as the master of relationships himself, Shuichi Shindou. We'd basically make a lot of jokes and have Roxas and Sora face off for a very short interlude, then Axel will ultimately take Roxas, kiss him and exit stage. Sora being confused and lonely is then pounced on by Shuichi who will be like "We can always go on a date!" kind of thing