View Full Version : Sister Esther Blanchett (specifically white)

07-23-2006, 09:51 PM
It's difficult to wade through the 40 pages that is the Trinity Blood thread, especially when you are interested in one character and one character only, so I decided to make a thread devoted just for her.

I've got a large interest into making her typical white-with-blue-trim nun habit for the 2007 convention season, and my main question (at least for now) is most likely aimed at people who've had experience making this costume (or the various similar ones from same show/manga).

My question: What pattern do people typically use? Is it one that needs quite a deal of altering? Normally I don't have much trouble tracking down patterns I can use for cosplays but this one totally through me. I went to a Jo-Ann's earlier today and started flipping through their books...and I just couldn't find anything that would give me the result I needed.

Another question: There are several civil war era patterns for petticoats. Has anyone worked with these patterns, and if so, can their "poofiness" be altered so the end product is not quite so massive? I thought one of these patterns would be good to use for the characters petticoat but my god they sure are poofy! XD

I really appreciate any input.