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10-10-2006, 05:56 PM
Ok ppl, i know that you've already seen a lot of posts like this one, but since i didn't found anything about my questions, i decided to open this thread..

In first, i'm going to make my first cosplay... from the Organization XIII's seventh member, Saïx. Also, i have a friend that's going to make his first cosplay too, from

This is the URL to Saix image, if u don't know him:

But since i never did it, i have some questions. Please, help me :)

In first, i'm not going to make the cosplay by myself. Since i never did anything handmade, i don't have experience, so i'll buy everything... Ok, let's go.. ( no, i'm not rich, i'm just a BIG fan of KH2, without the smallest experience.. )

1) The coat : Organization's black coat. I've saw some threads here about those Matrix patterns. Since i'm not going to do it by myself, i won't need it right now, but i wanted to know which is the best fabric to use. i've seen some coats that almost reflect the light, and that's not really what i wanted, since i want it to be perfect. So, what should i use?

2) The claymore : Saix customized claymore. This is really HARD to get, but i think i'll be able to get it, from the right price ( i guess :O ). Anyway, the greatest question is: Which material should i use? I can't spent too much, but i want this to be really cool. I don't want anything soft ( i'm going to attack someone with a giant claymore and it's going to fold? wtf.. i hate that...
Anyway, i don't think metal would work... can't immagine the weight, and even the danger of someone getting hit by my berserk moves xD
So, any ideas?

3) The scar : Saix have an cross-like scar in his face ( exactly between his eyes ) and i really wanted to do the scars without hurting myself, if u understand xD ( joking..)
So, how can i do these scars? I want it to be REAL :)

4) The hair : Since i have long hair, i'm going to use my hair, instead of a wig. I've already did it ( but my hair is black ) and it looks good. I just need to change the color of my hair and use a lot of gel :)
Anyway, any tips about using the gel, changing the color and these stuff in my natural hair? I never did it before...

5) The spears : This is for my friend... Same thing as the claymore. Which material?

So, thx a lot about everything, plz answer me. I wanna set up everything really soon...
Thanks a lot again.

10-10-2006, 07:50 PM
hey I'm doing Saix too,

For the coat material, I guess it deepends on your preference. There are scenes with a more "dulled out shine" like you get from the pleather and there are some shots with a suede look I think. Also I've seen people just use cotton and it looked amazing. :)

I can't help with the Claymore, I decided not to make that, and do something a bit diffrent for his prop ^_~ (Though I've heard foam and a dowel work wonders)

For the scar I'd say You could use diffrent shades of pink to red eyeliner (The NYC ones are like a dollar) as for not hurting yourself. Avoid slipping into the eyes...it hurts...trust me.. XDD

Also now it Halloween everyone has the GFX make-up out now. ^_^ So that's another choice too.

I don't really have any advice for the hair. I'm using a wig, though I noticed the gel is wicked stong if you let it sit for a while. Also the front is layered, but you might have already known that. ^_^;;;

I hope some of that helps.

Good luck with the costume! :bigtu:

10-10-2006, 10:45 PM
This post may help with the Claymore.

The hair since it’s going to be hard anyways hair paint will work the brands to look for are Manic Panic, Ben Nye and Mehron


For the colour you want I recommend buying a white and blue bottle of the Mehron Face, Body and Hair Liquid Makeup and mixing them to get the light blue your after. You will need more white then blue probably.

10-11-2006, 02:41 AM
As for the Spears... I'd go for the brooms (remove the end of course!) And make the spears out of wood (MDF!) and then paste them on the broomsticks... And then you'll need to paint them!

The scar...I'd go for the FX stuff you can buy in the halloween mania... Some online tutorials et voila! ^_^

Claymore's got his own topic...

HAIR! Using your own hair, brave you! You do know that hair on top is... shorter, that's why it's pointing backward etc.... I don't have a picture of you, so I can't help you with it. Personally I wouldn't go for the Gel, since it only makes the hair heavy... Styling spray WOULD work... Styling spray and a lot of patience! Colour... see the above post! ^__________^

10-12-2006, 09:57 PM
i'd used leather for the coat, and as for the scar, get red eyeliner or facepaint and work it out from there. ;)

10-13-2006, 10:57 AM
thx ppl.. REALLY, thx.. Since i never did it i was kind of lost..
i hadnŽt a chance to thank u ppl later cause i wasnŽt able to use my PC, but thx anyway.. iŽll try what u said and talk with a guy that i know... i might be able to find him soon.

So, thx again..:)