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  1. I need Cosplay suggestion
  2. Cosplay for Couples?
  3. All day in tight leather
  4. Persona 4 cosplay help
  5. SeeU genderbend help ;n;
  6. wich cosplaycouple?
  7. Normal-Looking Formal Cosplays
  8. Nnoitra Ressurection cosplay help!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Disney Princesses?
  10. Looking to make a Captain France costume from a morphsuit for Halloween. Any ideas ?
  11. I need suggestions!!
  12. Thor & Captain America photoshoot in DC
  13. Seeking some suggestions
  14. Styling Human Latias Wig... HELP.
  15. Complicated suggestion help
  16. Trio cosplay suggestions
  17. Anime Animals: Suggestions?
  18. big and little cosplay?
  19. CHEEP Cosplay
  20. Cosplay Suggestions Please
  21. Newbie Halloween Cosplay? :3
  22. Cosplay suggestion for a short girl. .____.
  23. Help choosing a cosplay =3
  24. cosplay suggestions needed, please help.
  25. Easy Cosplay Idea
  26. Help me pick my next cosplay! :) (MALE)
  27. First Time Cosplayer, Suggestions?
  28. Couple Cosplay Suggestions?
  29. Cosplay broke last second, what to do now?
  30. Need cosplay suggestions please :3
  31. Underwater scuba costume
  32. Yuna cosplay? Maybe?
  33. Red Cosplay from Pokemon?
  34. Which hammer should I make for my John Egbert cosplay?
  35. not sure who to cosplay as
  36. Cosplays Suggestions Please! ( Flat Chested Female )
  37. Picking a Puella Magi Madoka Magica girl
  38. hi! i'm new, and need help with ideas.
  39. Materials I don't know what to use for
  40. Which Sailor Scouts Should We Be?
  41. Cosplay for my boyfriend?
  42. Crossplay Suggestions?
  43. [Prom/Homecoming] Formal/semi-formal cosplays that can be worn in real life
  44. Cosplay suggestion for an Asian male?
  45. Suggestion for a big guy
  46. New cosplayer, no idea who to start with!
  47. White hair cosplay ideas
  48. Curvy cosplayer here! :D
  49. Cute cosplays?
  50. Luka outfits for cold weather?
  51. Help Con in 3 Days - No Wig
  52. Darkish blue wig cosplay characters? Drawing a blank
  53. Heavy Girl Wants To Cosplay
  54. REALY REALLY difficult cosplay - any ideas?
  55. cosplay; too hard?
  56. Uses for long black wig?
  57. Help me pick which cosplay I should do??
  58. Kindly spare a look?
  59. need help
  60. Group cosplay help
  61. Video Game Cosplay?
  62. Feminist cosplays
  63. what should i cosplay as?????
  64. Dark skinned Princess Zelda?
  65. Cosplay suggestions? (with mask)
  66. Simple, Easy Cosplay Ideas?
  67. Suggestions for me please!
  68. Rosario +Vampire Cosplay help?
  69. Confuzzled thoughts
  70. any ideas on chars who have a black cape?
  71. First Cosplay Idea?
  72. Ideas for wings~
  73. Cosplays that you want to see? I'll make which ever one is best!
  74. HELP*with*choosing*a*male*costume
  75. Decisions, Decisions....
  76. need some help
  77. Anime Girl Cosplay Suggestion? (link provided)
  78. Cosplays with a horse?
  79. Mascot Help/ideas
  80. any ideas for a rave england
  81. Kinda curious
  82. What Thigh-highs size should I get?
  83. Extravagant, EXPENSIVE cosplay
  84. Use for different coloured leotards?
  85. Need Help Finding a Good Idea
  86. Kingdom Hearts Idea
  87. Who should I cosplay?
  88. I Cant Decide!
  89. Bayonetta vs. Jeanne
  90. Need more female cosplays...
  91. New cosplay ARRRGH
  92. Baka To Test help! :C
  93. Marvel vs. Capcom Cosplay ideas
  94. Which Ciel cosplay should I get?!?! DD8
  95. These crazy show things o3o
  96. Which is easier for a first attempt at making my own cosplay?
  97. So I'm gonna need your opinions on this guys D: even your wisdom mayhaps?
  98. Masquerade masks
  99. Warm uniform cosplay ideas
  100. Girly Cosplay help? (Pic)
  101. So...I'm kind of curious.
  102. Brightly coloured characters?
  103. Character for this Wig!
  104. Characters with giant weapons?
  105. I'm having trouble finding the cosplay right for me.
  106. Simple Vocaloids?
  107. Stuck between 5 cosplays! Which to chose?
  108. First post- DC hero/villain ideas
  109. I was thinking about upcoming cosplays... (long post)
  110. So I have these amazing shoes...
  111. brown spiky hair
  112. Cosplay costume - broad/massive robes?
  113. Help Choosing
  114. What other characters can you cosplay with a Miku wig?
  115. Upcoming cosplays...
  116. I'm old, like 24, is there anything I can cosplay as??
  117. New to Cosplay and I need ideas for Ikkicon!
  118. I Need Anime Character Ideas
  119. I need all the help. All of it.
  120. Help, Deciding a cosplay
  121. Wig help, need character ideas!
  122. Who can I cosplay with pink & black striped tights?
  123. Harry Potter Cosplay ideas?
  124. Another "help choosing" thread
  125. Any suggestions?
  126. So who might I cosplay
  127. kagamine rin cosplay: what outfit?
  128. Cosplay Commisioners Under 60 with good quality?
  129. Help me think! c:
  130. Alternate Luka outfits needed (I have her hair)
  131. Couples Cosplay
  132. Do I look like any characters?
  133. Hetalia Cosplay Help
  134. Suggestions for who I should cosplay?
  135. Ideas
  136. Ideas
  137. A girl is shaving her head this summer...
  138. Help my friend
  139. Help My Friend Please
  140. I got and idea wanna see what you guys think
  141. Semi-Advanced suggestions?
  142. Cosplay suggestions?-Lookin for male cosplay-Apperance wise-Cosplay partner near AWA?
  143. Jrock/Visual Kei and other Cosplay suggestions
  144. Hyper Characters
  145. Larger girl cosplay suggestions?
  146. Nerevarine Italy?
  147. Help me decide please?
  148. Cosplays Involving a Zentai Suit
  149. Female Monster Hunter armor?
  150. Help me find the similarity
  151. New boots need a cosplay for them
  152. Who Should I cosplay? (VOCALOID)
  153. Who should i cosplay as?
  154. Who should i cosplay as?
  155. Help to decide please~! <3
  156. He needs help D:
  157. Which Hetalia character should I cosplay?
  158. Pretty Female Cosplays With Long Pink Hair
  159. Would This Count?
  160. first timer go easy one me
  161. Cosplays for a busty girl? :/
  162. Help First Time Cosplaying
  163. Help First Time Cosplaying Ever
  164. Cosplay conventions
  165. Re-Entering Cosplay
  166. Winter/warm Cosplays?
  167. ikkaku or someone else??
  168. A Hard Face to Fit
  169. Narnia Costume, I Need Help!!
  170. help please D: (Uta No Prince-Sama)
  171. Cheap Cosplays?
  172. Soul Eater, Justin Law
  173. Don't know who I should cosplay as?
  174. So, uhm... I have this pink ass wig...
  175. Zentai Cosplay (Need Ideas!)
  176. Rin Kagamine Cosplay - Can I pull it off?
  177. Cosplay suggestion?? PLEASEE HELP!
  178. Looking for ideas
  179. I need help deciding who to cosplay next D:
  180. Please Help! D:
  181. Can someone please help me pick a wig??
  182. Cosplay suggestions please~
  183. Cosplay Ideas (Help me!)
  184. Ichigo or Chad?
  185. what should i cosplay next
  186. I want to cosplay people. Awesome people. But I don't know who. Or how.
  187. Cosplay Ideas for a very tall, lanky, skater/punk looking guy?
  188. I want to cosplay but who can I do?
  189. Cosplays for a Short Brown Wig?
  190. Looking for help from all you experts!
  191. Other than Luka, what character can I use this wig for? >.<
  192. the anime/magna/videogame hairstyle thread
  193. Six Pack Cosplay Help ASAP PLEASE
  194. Wig with no idea what to do with....
  195. What Females can I pull off?
  196. Help me decide, plz!
  197. obscure miku
  198. I have no idea..
  199. Can I pull it off?
  200. Getting new boots the day of a cosplay meetup! (can I use them?)
  201. Please, help me choosing my first cosplay! [with photos~]
  202. Help on Tobi/Penelo Cosplay!
  203. Funny Requests
  204. need Ideas for cosplay concerning a burgundy wig. Or chars with burgundy hair!
  205. Comfortable Cosplay ?
  206. Couple costume suggestions
  207. Who should I cosplay... With these wigs?
  208. Please Help!~ It's my first time Cosplaying! Pictures Inside
  209. Budget saving time!
  210. Comic Con Ideas?
  211. Characters with this hairstyle?
  212. Silly/Jokey Cosplay Suggestions?
  213. Help me pick a Idolm@ster character to cosplay?
  214. new haircut, new cosplays?
  215. Game Character Couples, Any suggestions?
  216. DO people still cosplay as gintama characters?
  217. I want to look like my character! at least a little bit... Pic inside~
  218. Cosplay IDEAS????
  219. Wig Suggestions
  220. Cosplay for two girls with different body types?
  221. Haruhi Suzumiya cosplay. Which one is better?
  222. New to Cosplay, Borg? Overdone?
  223. who are these characters??
  224. Characters with a banjo?
  225. Who can I cosplay?
  226. Hey ^^ some more in-depth suggestions please?
  227. Tora-con 2012: Ideas for an impressive cosplay!
  228. I have no clue who to be.
  229. Who Can I Cosplay With These Wigs?
  230. New to Cosplay -- looking for ideas and tips. ^_^
  231. Advice on a humanoid!GLaDOS cosplay?
  232. suggestions for crossplay (2 people)?
  233. Pirate boots and a masquerade mask?
  234. I need help finding a good cosplay....Please?
  235. Cant decide which cosplay i should do ; - ;
  236. Seriously need help!
  237. Game cosplays?
  238. couple cosplay ideas?
  239. Anime North cosplay contest!{Am i even allowed to do this?}
  240. Cosplay suggestions? (I know, totally original...)
  241. Touhou Cosplay ideas~?
  242. Other characters for these wigs?
  243. Characters with long pink hair?
  244. Anime North cosplay contest!
  245. Can't think of a characfter
  246. Help with identifying my face? xD
  247. FF X-2 Yuna? Someone else? suggestions plz~
  248. Impressive Cosplay
  249. Choosing is the hardest part! Help please!
  250. Question about changing skin color to inhuman colors.