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  1. Making my helmet....NOT sculpey?
  2. Lal Mirch props Help.. plz!!
  3. How can I make Yuzuki Yukari's dress? Also a question about the accessories on it?
  4. Need to make Oliver hat
  5. Need help on Yukiteru from Mirai Nikki
  6. omega xis mega buster
  7. Claymore- shoes after time skip
  8. Utatane Piko Help?
  9. Help On Mako and Bolin Cosplays
  10. How to lighten the color of a wig
  11. Help with making a feathered collar
  12. Making a France cosplay?
  13. Foam and Hot glue armor tutorial
  14. Black Gold Saw - Jacket Tutorial
  15. Sword Construction - MZMA from BRS:The Game
  16. Black Rock Shooter Cosplay
  17. Hunger Games Costume
  18. Lust's Claws
  19. Kou Shuurei's hair piece
  20. How to make a Lin Bei Fong cosplay?
  21. contemplating this scythe
  22. how do i sew a bias over the zipper? help!
  23. Emeraldas help
  24. Zelda's Twilght Princess Pauldrons - Pattern
  25. Sheik, Legend of Zelda OOT
  26. Tokyo Mew Mew Urgent help!
  27. Yoite Cosplay Help?
  28. Songo's Weapons
  29. Question about Rhinestones
  30. Arthas or Alphonse Elric
  31. Help needed with War's watcher from Darksiders
  32. Re-L Meyer Cosplay?
  33. Cellophane fairy wings, without wire
  34. Fur to skin transition?
  35. Help!
  36. Help with Serah Farron FFXIII cosplay
  37. groudon costume, i really need help with this
  38. Holy cow!Riza Hawkeye?!!!!!
  39. props and armor creation
  40. Making your own prosthetics! Poison Ivy
  41. Hylian/Elf Ears
  42. CyberHarpie
  43. Need Help: Mafia Graves' Gun from LoL
  44. Need help finding body suit!
  45. What measurements should I get for a Hollow Ichigo costume?
  46. Knuckles costume
  47. Time Skip Chopper Shirt
  48. Journey White Robe Cosplay HELP
  49. Team Plasma grunt help!
  50. Hatsune Miku Shoes?
  51. Help on Basketball Jersey (KuroBasu)
  52. Gallade Cosplay Tips?
  53. Frank West cosplay tips?
  54. Avatar: LoK Equalist Gear
  55. Completed Rena Grand Archer Bow.
  56. Has anyone ever used this tutorial?
  57. Medusa's Pumpkin Panties
  58. Arc reactor tutorial?
  59. Lancer from Fate/Zero help?
  60. Pointy shoe covers tutorial?
  61. Making a Stencil for Fabric Paint?
  62. Magatsu Izanagi help?
  63. SeeU CD necklace help??
  64. How to make silver paper?
  65. Tim Drake Robin's belt.
  66. Saber Armour Patterns
  67. Jecht FFX Sword and Armor. Step by Step more or less.
  68. Insane Black Rock Shooter?
  69. Heart no Kuni: Vivaldi
  70. Vega Mask From Street Fighter
  71. Questions about 3D Printing
  72. Mermaid Tail Tutorials?
  73. Raiden MGS4 Cosplay Instruction help, please!
  74. How would you make this shirt?
  75. Hatsune Miku Skirt Details
  76. I Need Help Making
  77. fabric paint
  78. Nightwing help/first post
  79. Completed Leixia Sword - Soul Calibur V
  80. Lady Rainicorn
  81. How to make a Vocaloid shirt/top?
  82. How do you make half of a hoop-skirt?
  83. Some tips and tricks about Dyeing Fabric
  84. Mira Nova Help?
  85. Tales of the Abyss, Tear Grants Cosplay help.
  86. Shoe contruction help needed :(
  87. Yoko Littner's Sniper/Rifle
  88. Haineko's shorts
  89. The Ottoman Doctor help
  90. Archetype Saber cosplay
  91. The Warden; Superjail
  92. Lady Loki cosplay help?
  93. Iori Minase (Casual)
  94. Heart Hunter Miku help
  95. Insulation Foam Cloud Buster Sword Tutorial (With Pics)
  96. Help, how to make a turtle shell?
  97. whats the easiest way to make a shura kirigakure cosplay
  98. Armor Papercraft Tutorial
  99. Urgent! Need help making Anastasia dress for THIS WEEKEND!
  100. NEED HELP! Space 39 Miku!
  101. How do I make my dress sparkle?
  102. Foam fabric for Master Shake cosplay
  103. Question on tape/glue/adhesives that can be removed
  104. Kagamine Rin - Vocaloid MV "Knife" Sword w/ Pics
  105. RO Arch bishop staff
  106. Phantom From MapleStory
  107. Choosing fabrics?
  108. Futurama Bender Costume
  109. Bagging a Jacket lining
  110. Michael's idea for making sheaths
  111. Prince of Persia costume
  112. Black Star Cosplay Help
  113. Redglare costume help?
  114. How to make a half face fitting mask
  115. Stereotypical Anime Student Help
  116. Mami Tomoe help?
  117. Fingerless Gloves
  118. Thread - Tips and Tricks to fake a clothing item
  119. I Need Input on a Hakama Tutorial?
  120. Help with a weird belt issue?
  121. Adventure Book Tutorial - UP Pixar
  122. Serah Farron: Leg ornament Tutorial
  123. help making esther blanchett habit!
  124. Fionna’s Crystal Sword (Adventure Time) Tutorial
  125. large horns helpp???
  126. Form Fitting 'Armor'
  127. Big Al (V2) Cosplay Help
  128. Need ideas to cover Craft Foam (Foamies)
  129. Aging synthetic fabric?
  130. Korra season 2 shirt pattern?
  131. Link: The Legend of Zelda OOT
  132. Quote Cosplay Help?
  133. Miku Make Up Tutorial
  134. Need help!
  135. Looking for a tutorial on how to make Storms cape? X-Treme X-Men..
  136. Redglare cane help?
  137. HELP! | Korra Cosplay
  138. Full mecha cosplay tutorial
  139. Making Fur?
  140. Vines and all that
  141. How to make wings like these?
  142. Finished my craft foam armor tutorial!
  143. Persona Tarot Cards
  144. Sailor Saturn Pattern
  145. Sailor Scout Uniforms
  146. PyramidHead|Help?
  147. HOW TO MAKE a Vegeta Armor/Bib
  148. Yuki Cross Artemis Scythe tutorial
  149. I need to make a dog mask!
  150. Lily Vocaloid help?
  151. Voss Water Bottle help!!!
  152. Phantom of the Opera cosplay help needed!
  153. Ranmao's silly butterflies!
  154. HRE's coplay help
  155. Dresses
  156. Help Needed
  157. help to judge this mask if suitable 155cm girl?
  158. Armor help needed!
  159. Nightwing Help!
  160. adi gallia
  161. Need help with Isshin
  162. Wings and Tail help?
  163. Momiji's cast
  164. Cape Assisstance Please
  165. Steampunk-style Crop jacket pattern/tutorial?
  166. Rin Kagamine Help???
  167. About Lenses!
  168. Bleach: Captain's Haori
  169. The cleaning tips and tricks thread.
  170. Start Making My own Bane mask
  171. Lady ciel dress
  172. Pandora Hearts help?
  173. White Mage (FFXIV) Help?
  174. Help with foam bumps
  175. Sailor Moon Help! (Skirt)
  176. Guia Cosplay/Cosplay Guide - Lightning Gunblade
  177. Plasti-Dip: A new way to seal Craft Foam
  178. EVA Foam and Stretch Vinyl for Armor - Ligthweight, Flexible and Shiny! [Pic Heavy]
  179. Madoka Uniform - Help!
  180. Tsuna X Gloves (VVR): Help finding Base Gloves
  181. Shikamaru costume help
  182. Spaceballs A**hole Helmet Help
  183. Toothiana Cosplay Help?
  184. claws
  185. Lights?
  186. Belle's Golden Ballgown Help
  187. Zero Suit Samus Help?
  188. How to construct Gauntlets...?
  189. Building a Creature (CFTBL) inspired dive suit.
  190. Shredded/tattered clothing help?
  191. Do you want weathering tutorials?
  192. Lucy's vectors??
  193. Boot HELP
  194. Feather suit?
  195. Coffin Wings
  196. Vocaloid Oliver - COSTUME HELP NEEDED
  197. Help Need Pattern For Long Coat
  198. Grells cape
  199. Trauma Center Cosplay Help (crest/symbol)
  200. Beyblade: Metal Fusion patterns
  201. Help with a mask
  202. help with a pattern
  203. Big Sister ; Bioshock Cosplay Help Needed !
  204. cosplay sewing class?
  205. Kirito's ALO Avatar tut.
  206. Human Lumiere Shorts! (Beauty and the Beast)
  207. Japanese maid Apron
  208. Skyward Sword Impa - pattern and fabric?
  209. Applique video tutorial
  210. I need fiberglass tutorials/ Paper mache
  211. happy synthesizer Gumi cosplay
  212. Need help defrizzing my cosplay wig
  213. Chachamaru Ears
  214. Cosplay Binding Tutorial
  215. Historical Hakama Tutorial
  216. Asuna Cosplay Tutorial
  217. Q*bert cosplay
  218. Sakura Haruno
  219. Plastidip/primer/paint Question
  220. Malice Mizer Referance pics?
  221. Help with Midna's Cloak and Skirt Pattern
  222. [HELP?] Spray painted my leather boots!
  223. Sona Buvelle Cosplay Help
  224. Low Cut, unzipped CatSuit Help
  225. Simon Durarara help!
  226. Blueprint Program?
  227. Adding insignia to jumpsuit back?
  228. Asuna's stockings
  229. Do you like website tutorials or videos?
  230. Periwinkle?? Help??
  231. Atlantica Online: Empress Cosplay Help?
  232. Karin Uzumaki help
  233. Putting designs/patterns on cosplay
  234. Daenerys' Qartheen Armor/Belt Tutorial
  235. Tale of the Abyss Anise Tatlin help
  236. Large Wing Help
  237. How would I make this?
  238. Teen Titans-raven
  239. help! Master Negi Magi!
  240. making witchblade- help?
  241. Vocaloid IA help!
  242. Mannequin stand
  243. New to Cosplay
  244. yukio okumura costume
  245. Cloud Strife SOLDIER Belt tutorial
  246. How to make padded armor?
  247. Armor - Spartan template
  248. How should I do this? Mu-12
  249. How to draft a hoop skirt to any shape you'd like!
  250. Father Anderson/ The Captain