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  1. Typecast?
  2. Con Funk Stories?
  3. Bad Manners - How do you react?
  4. What age did you start cosplaying o_O
  5. Furries and Free hugs
  6. Cosplaying WITH parents
  7. Cosplay: Quality vs. Popularity
  8. Accuracy vs. Practicality?
  9. What is the opinion on pre-made cosplay?
  10. Getting Others Into Cosplay
  11. Anyone enter Hancock's fleece contest?
  12. Food and cosplay Do or Don't mix?
  13. Costume change: before or after arriving at con?
  14. Deaf cosplayers?
  15. Who's Going To Anime Boston?
  16. Buyer Beware (advice on costume and wig purchasing)
  17. Are Cosplay Interpretations 'Ok'?
  18. Preparing for my first con. Any tips?
  19. Looking for someone good at making costumes
  20. Character and Series in cosplay.com Photos
  21. Cosplay Party Predicament.
  22. Would you enjoy a Cosplay Shop in your area?
  23. Problems With Cosplay Friends?
  24. Being in Character
  25. How do you meet cosplayers outside of cons?
  26. Help!!! I need some help with my cosplay
  27. "Stereotypical" cosplay habits?
  28. Eyesight or accuracy? Cosplay w/ Glasses
  29. seeking commission cosplay
  30. Dear Cosplayers Thinking About American Idol:
  31. Eurocosplay Championship 2011 - Preliminaries
  32. What makes a good cosplay? Costume vs. Cosplayer vs. Photographer
  33. America's biggest Otaku TV show -facepalm-
  34. Dealing with a cosplay special snowflake?
  35. Cosplay and Personal Safety
  36. Is it okay to buy costumes?
  37. How far should In-Character go?
  38. Legal jargon involved in selling cosplay.
  39. What exactly is Maserquade?
  40. Buying cosplay, Quality vs Price
  41. Non-anime characters at conventions
  42. Mixing Cosplay and Romance
  43. Working Transformer on American Idol
  44. Pulled in Different Directions
  45. Cosplay and Stilts
  46. Percentage completion question
  47. Flea markets? what do u think of them?:P
  48. music video Cosplay With My Heart
  49. what should be brought to the con?? it's my 1st time..
  50. Cosplay + Photoshop(ing)
  51. Possibility of a Cosplay/Con Oriented Reality TV Show?
  52. Do you have a 'cosplay idol'?
  53. At the con hotel... "Gotta go up to go down..."
  54. Strange base pattern = awesome cosplay?
  55. How Many of You Have Redone the Same Costume?
  56. My interview with "Cosplayer Nation" Documentary!
  57. Japanese-style rules at Non-Japanese cons?
  58. Well that was dumb. Unfixable cosplay goof ups.
  59. No prop bigger than a breadbox?
  60. Starting a cosplay group need tips and suggestions!
  61. Cosplaying Spoilers at Cons
  62. How to manage bulky cosplays~ en route and at the con
  63. Cosplay for children and infants
  64. Specific age for cosplaying certain characters?
  65. Can I see the photo please?
  66. I'd LOVE to cosplay this, but...
  67. costume failure before con.
  68. Using Money Wisely
  69. Cosplaying for Someone Else
  70. Just For the Costumes
  71. Amusing/quirky/bizzare con drama
  72. Cosplay commision plz?
  73. Cosplays That You Would Like To See
  74. Report on Cosplay...?
  75. When You Don't Cosplay
  76. Theme music
  77. Anyone notice conventions are getting stricter?
  78. Is this alright to bring?
  79. How Many People Cosplay In London?
  80. 'Cosplay' As A Research Topic
  81. Cosplaying a popular character?
  82. How to pick the right costume for competition?
  83. Learning new skills for your cosplay
  84. GetBacker into the Cosplay Groove
  85. Storage and Travel
  86. Cosplay confidence boosters
  87. Do you have a "cosplay working playlist?"
  88. Random Con Shenanigans
  89. Your views on Makeup with Cosplay?
  90. Where do you find your joy in cosplaying?
  91. Cosplay Vlog: To Vlog or Not to Vlog
  92. What is the best thing to do about this?
  93. Drive in cosplay or change at the event?
  94. Cosplaying Alone
  95. Got a vlog to share?
  96. When Costumes didn't work out
  97. What do [YOU] think would make Anime Conventions more fun?!
  98. I would like to ask advice from the older/more experienced cosplayers...
  99. Cosplay vs. College ...help? x_x;
  100. Cosplay and Prom
  101. How do minors make money for cosplay??
  102. You Know You're at a Con When...
  103. Panel help!!
  104. Cosplay the Manga or Anime?
  105. College
  106. do staffers cosplay?
  107. Oh The Suspense!
  108. Cosplay Redos?
  109. Do you budget your cosplays?
  110. Arriving at conventions
  111. Has a cosplay ever blocked out one of your senses?
  112. Things you would never do for cosplay
  113. Cosplay Groups vs Photoshoots....
  114. Organizing Cosplay Ideas?
  115. Have you Ever been to a Con with Non Otakus?
  116. Why less love for conventions Not about anime?
  117. The diffrence between cosplayers and sports fans
  118. Panels you'd like to see at a convention
  119. Child Abuse Awarness walking in Cosplay- Florida
  120. Making the Best of the Bad
  121. How many cosplays do you do a year?
  122. stalker at conventons i go too
  123. Vanity Sizing in the US ~ RAWR!!!
  124. Hall Contests...
  125. how can you make an event? plz view and comment
  126. Making pets cosplay..
  127. Crummy ways to hold a costume contest/masquerade?
  128. Buying cosplay components...
  129. should always japanese be the best cosplayers?
  130. have you ever gone to a cosplay convention then you remember you forgot something ?
  131. Convention food!
  132. Other Convention Comments....
  133. Your Next Con?
  134. Has cosplay ever made you watch/read something?
  135. Cosplay Clothes In Real Life?
  136. "He's so much better than me!"
  137. Questionaire for my Thesis, please help :)
  138. help on cosplay: what counts as indecent?
  139. Borrowing Your Cosplay
  140. Help a noob out please, cosplay/convention questions
  141. Your Proudest Cosplay Moment?
  142. Songs that make you want to cosplay
  143. I would love to, but I couldn't
  144. Costumes as display pieces.
  145. Still got that new costume smell!
  146. general question about costume judging
  147. When did you realize you wanted to cosplay?
  148. Adult cosplayers
  149. Would it be bad to cosplay at your first con?
  150. How important is it to you that people know the character you're cosplaying as?
  151. Dear Cosplay...
  152. What do you do when the character has more than one outfit?
  153. Con-Withdrawl
  154. Finding the right character for you
  155. What are the necessities for your con experience?
  156. Do I have to go to conventions to be a cosplayer?
  157. Buying vs. Making?
  158. Opposite of pre-Convention excitement?
  159. What is a con like?
  160. A few questions.... :)
  161. New cosplay reality show
  162. Commission help
  163. Do you think height matters in cosplay?
  164. Have you made any friends at cons?
  165. What would be your reaction if someone asked to take a picture of you in costume?
  166. You westerners = You fat = You disgusting = You fail in Cosplay
  167. What can save our cosplay?!
  168. Costume makers
  169. Cosplayers from France?
  170. Improv
  171. Things you never thought you'd use in cosplay
  172. Traveling Out Of State For Cons
  173. Inappropriate Times When Someone Ask for a Photo
  174. What do you think of underwear shots while cosplaying?
  175. Where and how do you store your cosplay?
  176. What has cosplay done for you?
  177. copyright?
  178. Alodia Gives up Cosplaying
  179. Would you ever coplay a character you didn't like?
  180. Flags as cosplay props- etiquette or do's and don'ts??
  181. What does your gallery say about you?
  182. Your first time around cosplayers?
  183. What cosplay of your's got the most attention?
  184. What is Your Parent's Favorite Costume?
  185. Lumberjacking in public
  186. Ever worried about ruining a character or series for someone?
  187. Most Embarrassing Cosplay moments?
  188. Closet Cosplay- Acceptable or just a sign of laziness?
  189. Cosplays you keep doing because of the fans.
  190. Cosplay newbie
  191. 102 Questions (nicked from Cosplay Kobo)
  192. First time cosplayer.. which convention to go?
  193. Let's send a little hope to Japan!
  194. The "It's your time to shine" moment ;D
  195. Where you buy your CosPlay Costume?
  196. Volunteering at Con Experiences
  197. List of Cosplay Stores?
  198. "Why did they choose that?" moments.
  199. Frankenstein or stitch from scratch?
  200. Most and Least Expensive Things for Cosplay
  201. Down in the cosplay dumps
  202. This video insults cosplay:
  203. Show me your gallery I tell you who you are!
  204. Have you ever made/bought a cosplay item just to wear?
  205. Florida Supercon in July
  206. Retro cosplay!? Awesome!
  207. Cosplay Crushers
  208. do you sew your own cosplay?
  209. Cosplay FML
  210. Cosplay Fears and Nightmares.
  211. Money Spent Per Convention?
  212. Why do you love to cosplay or love anime
  213. Cosplays you'd like to see done really well.
  214. Never been to a convention....HBU?
  215. Your Worst Critic
  216. Dating/Speed Dating Panel - Good idea or bound to fail?
  217. Ever find your self buying an item your favorite anime character wears?
  218. How much time do you spend in the hotel?
  219. I want to open a maid cafe here in the US.
  220. Cosplay items in normal places?
  221. First Con experiences
  222. out with the old, in with the new.
  223. Costumes and Trains
  224. What Pain Have You Endured Wearing Your Costume?
  225. cosplay question
  226. con-ing it alone.
  227. Does anyone know where I can find a Baccano Costume?
  228. Has anyone ever made a cosplay from scratch
  229. Good, trustworthy cosplay site? (Other than Milanoo, Cosplaymagic, and Ebay)
  230. An odd sort of cosplay question, I suppose
  231. Personal preference for 'accuracy'?
  232. Custom Makers?
  233. Chain of Constructive Criticism / The Personalized Tip Chain
  234. So I'm pretty sad
  235. Cosplay and facial features...
  236. Cosplay you have too much fun with?
  237. Heels: Okay or sacrilegious?
  238. Why do you cosplay?
  239. When to change into costume?
  240. Saya, one of the Asian Cosplay idol have passed away
  241. What kind of tools do you own/have access to?
  242. How many cosplays have you done in your whole life?
  243. Project on Cosplay, would greatly appreciate responses!!!!
  244. Anyone ever travel across the country for a convention?
  245. Deciding
  246. Cosplay and... umm... tattoos...
  247. "____" Cosplay Moments?
  248. Favorite Con Moment
  249. carrying large cosplays from your home to the con
  250. Ease of a Cosplay