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  1. An Cafe Bou help?
  2. LM.C ~ Cosplay help.
  3. LM.C punky heart question
  4. Reita Cosplay~
  5. Help with Gackt's Zero Costume
  6. Hizaki Versailles Cosplay
  7. Jasmine You Cosplay Help / Advice?
  8. Mana - Gekka no Yasoukyoku cosplay!
  9. Lace and Tassel help
  10. Waka Pics for A Cosplay Please ??
  11. Ruki Reference Photos.
  12. ダウト (D=Out) Cosplay Help?
  13. I'm looking for a Ayumi Hamasaki cosplay partner for GENCON indy 2010!
  14. j-pop/rock cosplay in indianapolis IN, interest in meeting up!
  15. An Cafe Miku - Which PV is this?
  16. Alice Nine - Shou Cosplay Questions
  17. Shinya Help
  18. Jrock Hairstyles
  19. Peggy Giggles
  20. X Japan Yoshiki shoe help?
  21. any one know lengths for reita's hair? or how to cut it?
  22. Ruki Cosplay plan and hair
  23. Japanese word in kanji
  24. Should "Jrock/Jpop Inspired" be considered a cosplay?
  25. Nana Kitade & Koda Kumi cosplay? Jpop cosplay help?
  26. Trouble with Koda Kumi & Nana Kitade cosplays? Help?
  27. Guys doing JRock=Crossplay?
  28. Malice Mizer Illuminati Gackt Help
  29. Utada Hikaru's Passion Dress (I must be crazy)
  30. Kote Kei
  31. Versailles Prince&Princess i need help ppl!!!
  32. Peggy Giggles, HELP
  33. Need some advice for an Uruha cosplay regarding hairstyle and outfit!
  34. Too Many Outfits to Choose From!
  35. LM.C Maya Punky Heart Shoes Help
  36. An Cafe Miku Game PV
  37. Myaku Toshiya
  38. Concert partron clothing
  39. new rock reactor boots & white boots
  40. Ayu and Yo-chan cosplay.
  41. Hiroto Inspiration...?
  42. Hizaki/General Question
  43. Needs help with Mana-sama cosplay!
  44. The UnOffical Moi Dix Mois Cosplay Guide!
  45. Jasmine You Details
  46. The Gazette Aoi.
  47. Ayumi Hamasaki cosplayer wanted
  48. Kamijo Cosplay - need help with lenses
  49. Glay Hisashi
  50. Masquerade Visual K Cosplay?
  51. Kyo - Ain't Afraid To Die PV
  52. Long acrylic nails.
  53. Inugami Circus-dan cosplay help
  54. Hizaki With Bushie Brows?!
  55. GazettE- Burst Into a Blaze refs.
  56. Miyavi's tattoos?
  57. Ruki GazettE contact lenses?
  58. Help with An Cafe outfit?
  59. The outfit from Koda Kumi's PV 'you'
  60. Kai hair pics
  61. Where can I find a good wig for a Maya cosplay from the band LM.C?
  62. Pink Spider hide references
  63. Oshare Kei: Long hair!?
  64. Help me find these overalls...?
  65. desperate at the moment.. T^T
  66. Help choosing a Hairstyle
  67. SUG Takeru cosplay
  68. Types of Fabric/etc for Teru (Versailles) Cosplay....Help!
  69. Nightmare cosplay ~~ haaalp??
  70. Bou Cosplay (Male Cosplayer)
  71. Help With Hairstyle~
  72. ~AKB48 Cosplay~
  73. VK help?
  74. XII Dizzy- Daisuke♥ Kagerou!
  75. How to get eyebrows like Jrockers?
  76. I Need Help Pulling Vampire Gakupo Tt~tt
  77. Nightmare; Sakito need pics please
  78. Kanjani8 :)
  79. Need pictures of Wataru [12012] from the Pistol PV.
  80. Help me find a VK hairstyle for long hime-cut hair?
  81. Help with my BoA Cosplay?
  82. Versailles!!!!
  83. Vii Sense
  84. Jrockers who have snakebites
  85. BoA's Girls on Top/Moto Hair
  86. Ayumi Hamasaki collab at ACen.
  87. Help with Taion Ruki cosplay !?
  88. Help with Taion Ruki cosplay !?
  89. Tips on how to cut/style hair?
  90. J-Rock Cosplay and Being Non-Asian
  91. Dressing up to a J-Rock concert
  92. An Cafe Kanon Cosplay Help?
  93. Help with foofy poofy dresses!
  94. Maya LM.C new shoes
  95. need Help With Mana Outfit
  96. Közi cosplay help
  97. Big Bang fan made Music Video
  98. Cosplay Help: G-Dragon
  99. Cosplay for Exist Trace- How to get that male/female look =P
  100. My Hizaki Kimono Cosplay
  101. Bou wig help?
  102. Can someone help me with this badass kimono??
  103. How do I paint that double eyelid? (e.g Uruha, Kamijo)
  104. Uruha The gazette Tour 2008
  105. J-rock J-pop cosplay at Acen?
  106. Uruha cosplay
  107. Uruha's hairstyle...suggestions and what hairstyle of his is your fav!
  108. Need help on haircut!
  109. J rock/visual kei Christmas wish list^ ^
  110. Dance Help ;A;
  111. The GazetteE Kai
  112. J rock and Visual kei!
  113. Jrock Party
  114. Yocchan looking for Ayu.
  115. Need Help With Hair!
  116. Uruha Silly God Disco
  117. Toshiya Costume Identification..Plz?
  118. seeking other j-rockers for Anime Central.
  119. JRocker accessories?
  120. Need moar help with Uruha cosplay!
  121. Coolest hair you know?!
  122. Golden Bomber - Utahiroba Jun cosplay help
  123. Commission
  124. My Dragon - really?!
  125. Hello Question~
  126. Uruha Shadow VI II I
  127. Anyone know where I can buy this? Or any tips on making it?
  128. lightening asian hair
  129. Mashiro reference pictures?
  130. Pictures of Hirotos Hairstyle from all sides?
  131. Girugamesh in Springfield
  132. ViViD!!
  133. Visual Kei
  134. j-rock/visual kei suggestion chain thread
  135. Emiru[Aicle]
  136. MIYAVI cosplay! help ç_ç
  137. Need help on deciding a new hair style!
  138. Teru from Versailles hair..
  139. Coaltar Of The Deepers / Narasaki
  140. Jrockers of Michigan
  141. Teru Philia help
  142. need pics for sug-masato
  143. J rock cosplay/crossplay list.
  144. Teru (Versailles) Favourite outfit/s!?
  145. G-Dragon (BIGBANG) Cosplay help. (K-POP)
  146. Can anyone recommend some good albums by the Pillows?
  147. Japanese festivals and V-Kei?
  148. Um so does anyone know of some good j rock/visual kei commissioners?
  149. Hizaki, Teru, or Kamijo Philia help
  150. Which Jrocker should I cosplay?? Help <:
  151. jpop kpop dancing project in toronto, canada
  152. New/old j rock/visual kei bands?^ ^
  153. Any j rockers/ visual kei guys that are easy to cosplay?
  154. Special Jrock Group in NC ~ I need 4 other ppl to make this work! :D
  155. Hizumi DespairsRay pic request
  156. Asagi from D help? Can't decide...
  157. Cosplay help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  158. Cosplay help!!!!!!!!!
  159. Kpop Cosplay
  160. Reita The GazettE/Cassis help
  161. Hair cut...Help?
  162. Teru hair cut.
  163. Versailles Masquerade cosplay.
  164. Golden Bomber^ ^
  165. K-Pop 2NE1 finally starting in America
  166. Could I pull this cut off?
  167. Do you love 2ne1? We do! So please HELP!
  168. Favourite j rocker/visual kei outfits?
  169. Favourite j rockers!?^ ^
  170. Can anyone tell me what Vocaloid PV this is from?
  171. Miyavi Mohawk?? Help??
  172. I can't decide on Teru cosplay, help?
  173. Help with Id:ing!
  174. Newbie Mana cosplay, maybe? Wig, boots, makeup help
  175. Kanon Wakeshima Dresses
  176. im bored of my hair -_-
  177. j rock/ visual kei shorts/ leg warmer thingies..
  178. Teru Versailles black, casual jacket. Help?
  179. I wanna crossplay as Reita from the gazette
  180. Aicle cosplay references?
  181. Help me to choose a VK cosplay please!!!!
  182. Ruki's Red Cosplay and Aoi Before I decay
  183. Guitarist Cosplay looking for an Ayumi Hamasaki.
  184. Jrocker cosplay suggestions?
  185. Ruki Before I Decay, Hair Help
  186. hide - Tell me details
  187. HELP! with my hair length is this possible?
  188. PIC REQUEST. Gazette - Disorder
  189. Takeru - Toy Soldier pics?
  190. Toshiya myaku-please it's urgent!
  191. where to buy a visor...
  192. Akane Para:noir.. Hair/wig help?
  193. Golden Bomber Kenji makeup
  194. Uruha earings, help?
  195. Versailles cosplay, Question.
  196. Hair cut/dye, any ideas?
  197. J rock/Visual kei christmas wish list^ ^
  198. Merry Christmas!! I leave my cosplay Hizumi from D'espairsRay!
  199. Any Ayu cosplayers who attend Acen?
  200. Ruki (Suicide Circus) Makeup Help?
  201. Kpop Cosplay Help
  202. NC dance group
  203. Cute, upbeat dances?
  204. Michigan Dance Group
  205. Ikuma from AND cosplay, help finding zipper? ;_;
  206. Sakito from Nightmare
  207. Hair cut/dye, help?
  208. Big Bang Competition
  209. Pop and Rock artists
  210. Asagi in L´oiseau bleu HELP!!!!!
  211. Megpoid Gumis Wig
  212. *sobs* I love visual KEi but...
  213. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's Hair Color in Candy Cnady?
  214. What song is this Kagamine Rin cosplay from?
  215. Want to start a VK inspired band, Austin, TX
  216. Newbie to VK cosplay
  217. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's Skirt from "Tsukema Tsukeru"
  218. An Cafe Miku help
  219. Lion suit from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's "Tsukema Tsukuru"
  220. Twin Drill help
  221. HELP! Gumi panda hero!
  222. The GazettE Ruki cosplay
  223. An Cafe - Bou
  224. Jrock/visual kei suggestion chain thread
  225. Uruha wig and cosplay help~
  226. J-rock Haristyle Suggestions!
  227. Kiryu cosplay help
  228. Dir en grey cross/cosplay
  229. Dir en Grey Die Cosplay
  230. I need some help with kpop dances
  231. Kyo Dir en Grey "Kasumi" costume.
  232. Kyo kyo kyo
  233. Fake percings for Cosplay
  234. kyary pamyu pamyu: ponponpon?
  235. AKB48 Cosplay
  236. Outfit ideas for Visual Kei-ish style
  237. Cosplay Help!
  238. heidi. [Fly high!] European Tour- April 2014
  239. Dancing Groups??
  240. K-POP Dance Group?
  241. Alice Nine
  242. Jrock/Visual Kei Cosplay
  243. Favorite J Rock Group
  244. BABYMETAL tribute group?
  245. Visual Kei from 10 yrs ago