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  1. Crossplay Tip
  2. That one other M->F problem.
  3. Toronto Crossplay Group
  4. Walk Like A Man, Talk like A Man F->M
  5. looking like a girly guy
  6. critique on my crossplay
  7. 'Suitable' outfits...
  8. Makeup & Hair Q's (Chloe from Noir)
  9. ...how to add some wiggle to your walk...(for m being f)
  10. F --> M Makeup Technique
  11. Can a guy pull of Kos-mos from Xenosaga??
  12. Halloween: Got a costume?
  13. Female size - male size
  14. The boobs, they bounce...
  15. New and Need Help`
  16. [F > M] Women's Jacket for Male Cosplay?
  17. Pregnant?
  18. hair opinions..
  19. Why do people crossplay?
  20. Altering female patterns for male characters?
  21. How do you hold your hair back when you are crossplaying?
  22. Have you ever been fooled by a crossplayer?
  23. Just a Question
  24. crosplaying yuna
  25. I am...so very confused...
  26. Gender Altering Makeup Techniques
  27. Is a boy cosplaying bridget from Guilty Gear Crossplay?
  28. Lol
  29. "Crossplay"
  30. -Making the lips less noticeable-
  31. Cup Construction
  32. Crossplay observation
  33. X-2 yuna crossplay question
  34. The M->F Problem x 100
  35. F to M walking
  36. I want to crossplay chii really bad.
  37. Binding Question
  38. why do you cos/crossplay??
  39. Crossplay at some clubs
  40. Reno Crossplay! In time for Halloween!
  41. Turning a Girl into Sasuke Uchiha!
  42. F to M: Going Shirtless
  43. F > M
  44. Do you have a problem getting used to Binding?
  45. Mahou Sensei Negima
  46. Can I pull it off?
  47. Would I Convince You?
  48. Crossplaying and Bathrooms?
  49. Confusing
  50. Does it really matter??
  51. Crossplay...but yet not really...
  52. Makeup Assistance (Souseiseki)
  53. neko ears
  54. figure problem f->m
  55. I wanna crossplay... but as what?
  56. how to do mana?
  57. is this cosplay or crossplay?
  58. walking around in a dress
  59. Muscles .-.
  60. Crossplay Friendly Cons
  61. Another "would i convince you" thread
  62. Kos-Mos Crossplay
  63. Binding?
  64. Help Needed!
  65. Interesting Sailor Venus Cosplay Question
  66. Manly beards and goatees
  67. M->F: Rid the facial hair
  68. Binding for larger chested women
  69. newbie
  70. Androgyny?
  71. Shirtless?
  72. M->F: Crossplay in Public?
  73. A quick Question
  74. Custom EGL size shoe info I found
  75. ED From Cowboy bebop
  76. crossplay I me my strawberry eggs
  77. sewn-in false chest?
  78. Wigs?
  79. Girl friend/ boy friend who crossplay
  80. Girls Cosplaying As Men With Goatees
  81. looking for photos
  82. more acceptable?
  83. Corsets for men (Adult Content)
  84. Boobs... Body Posture and Beyond (warning: pics, dialup beware)
  85. Do I look male? :O
  86. Leg hair?
  87. F -> M Make-up (with pictures)
  88. Compression shirts?
  89. help someone
  90. How big is too big?
  91. Tall Female Character Ideas For Crossplay... Help!
  92. new to cosplay
  93. Had Any Wierd Questions Asked About Your Crossplay?
  94. crossplaying as misty to a pokemon turmant
  95. Sort of about binding
  96. M -> F: Questions On Make-Up! Need Massive HELP!
  97. Funny accidental crossplay
  98. Goemon Ishikawa XIII - F -> M
  99. F -> M PoT Cosplay Help?
  100. Binding D-Cup: Just give up?
  101. M->F Make-up Step-by Step!
  102. Tidus help
  103. In Look for a Temari Wig
  104. Skin colored shirts/bodysuits opinion
  105. Something useful about the stickies...
  106. Voice issues for crossplay
  107. Crossplay Group For Otakon '07
  108. I Need Advice From Cosplaying/Crossplaying Veterans
  109. DDD enemy
  110. Gotta be carefull here.
  111. Posture: please help me
  112. Costume Suggestions Needed
  113. For girls with big boobs
  114. I Need Advice
  115. First Crossplay - looking for some suggestions
  116. Getting rid of stubble...
  117. Okay...another Bridget question...
  118. Getting over that initial hurtle
  119. Need Help!!!
  120. Need Help!!!
  121. Tifa (FFVII) help
  122. Wax/Hair Remover
  123. ~*Gothic&Lolita Crossplay*~
  124. Arm hair help...
  125. Rikku Crossplay?
  126. Mizuki Ashiya (Hana-Kimi)
  127. Sinister
  128. first Con, First crossplay.
  129. Crossplay makeup help
  130. Kuja????
  131. Tips needed for Shinku crossplay
  132. First Crossplay First Cosplay "L" Need Help
  133. (sort of) progress diary
  134. Stubble on Chin - is this possible for girls?
  135. Kazuki of the Threads Crossplay (In reverse?)
  136. How would I...
  137. Do more girls XPLAY than boys?
  138. Girl as a Boy who wants to be a Girl
  139. First Time Crossplayer Doing Sweet Lolita Cosplay
  140. first crossplay help!
  141. Is Kuja possible?
  142. Yaoish Gothic Cyberish, Fox Boy Slave Costume!
  143. Bathrooms?
  144. Who do i look like? First xplay ideas?
  145. Male/Female
  146. Height Issues?
  147. cos or cross? maybe cross-cosplay? what is it!?
  148. I dont know were to start.
  149. How to make my face look more masculine with makeup?
  150. Texas/Minnesota Crossplay Team
  151. First time crossplayer. Help?
  152. Touhou cosplay: Youmu
  153. "Day 2" Crossplay.
  154. Crossplay Survival Kit
  155. Are some people scared to crossplay?
  156. Female Crossplayers and Facial Hair?
  157. Muscular male torso on a girl
  158. Major Motoko Kusanagi crossplay
  159. lip troubles
  160. (for girls only!!) Binding Issues X_____x
  161. Can I pass?
  162. male: undergarments for crossplay
  163. Fitting a Top for a Bound Chest?
  164. First Crossplay - Jiraiya from Naruto
  165. Major help needed!!!
  166. Little Women Crossplay Need Help Bad!
  167. I have this weird thing...
  168. crossplay bet (passable?)
  169. Suits
  170. Criticism, compliments online for a crossplay?
  171. Lauren Bacall Eat your HEART out!
  172. Princess Princess crossplay
  173. You know your a CROSSplayer when...
  174. Really, REALLY short question...
  175. Inspirational asian crossplay!
  176. How Far Should I Go?
  177. Anybody CrossPlaying at Anime Expo this year?
  178. Girl to boy chest issues >>
  179. Could I pull off Crossplay? XD I'm new to this
  180. Easy Comfortable Binding Method
  181. Think this looks okay? x_X
  182. need opinions
  183. Eyebrow trouble?
  184. Crossplaying advice
  185. Which one first? Crossplay or Cosplay?
  186. Girls who've cosplayed Kanda...?
  187. Guys Only: Bathroom Problems
  188. I have a friend...
  189. Girl who wants to try Crossplay...
  190. How well would I pull it off??
  191. Sasuke Crossplay
  192. Girls: before and after binding pictures?
  193. Bridget: Crossplay of a crossderss?
  194. I just wanna thank you all T_T
  195. So how do I look?
  196. To Be or Not to Be
  197. The Tiring Question...
  198. Female Chest Binding--Has it ever made you sick?
  199. Healing?
  200. your oppinion please... sorry to ask x.x
  201. Agent Aika...
  202. is it really crossplay?
  203. Binding Related Question
  204. Binding to MAKE cleavage?
  205. Make-Up tips
  206. 4hrs+binding=painful brusing
  207. Ah, crap it's another one! Run away!!!
  208. Fake soul patch that doesn't look like a catepillar?
  209. Needs a beard. ;A;
  210. Male Kagura Cosplayer
  211. Would you make the mistake?
  212. 1st Crossplay
  213. Potential?
  214. to add or not to add? (accuracy and bare chest)
  215. Male makeup for myself ~Pics included~
  216. Would tucking be necessary for this?
  217. Yet another "how do I look?" thread
  218. Massive breasts
  219. Syaoran from Tsubasa Crossplay! HELP!!
  220. Body Suits
  221. lol! I am a girl a TAN girl and my friend wants me to cosplay as GACKT!!!! help!!!
  222. Crossplay, Binding help! 1st time = Major Meltdown
  223. Looking for suggestions!
  224. yaoi,shonen-ai, or boylove crossplay
  225. Crossplay suggestions for your darling yunie-ful!! XD
  226. Some Mugen (Samurai Champloo) help?
  227. Would I make a good boy? =x
  228. Yet another who could I pass thread.
  229. Degrees of Separation, or How I Can Crossplay and Avoid the Dramabomb?
  230. no photoshootings...
  231. Couples crossplay - a perfect opportunity?
  232. A question for the gals...
  233. masculine looking make up
  234. I've been thinking about it...
  235. Would Makeup work???
  236. ummmmm Tayuya CrossPlay
  237. More techniques for hiding masculinity
  238. I think I can pull it off... and shoe help?
  239. Wig doubts ;~;
  240. How to Hide a Beard Shadow (Inexpensively)
  241. So, do I pull it off? Or, how much more work could I possibly try?
  242. Help appreciated.
  243. Shoes
  244. How can you pull it off?
  245. What do you think??
  246. Girls crosssplay or guys crossplay-which is harder
  247. Tall Man Needs Crossplay Help!
  248. Does this look okay?
  249. wanting to do a Sanosuke Sagara Crossplay please help?
  250. vashett question