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  1. Make Up & Crossplay...
  2. Yaoi requests: how far do you go...?
  3. Female Crossplaying problem: Exposed Chest
  4. Plus Size Fellow
  5. How does crossplaying feel?
  6. Going to Con with parents as Riku and Sora. Help.
  7. Edward Elric als girl?
  8. Taking Crossplay Too far?
  9. me photos crossplay
  10. Relationships
  11. putting together an idea
  12. Videos of yourself?
  13. What do your parents think about you crossplaying?
  14. if i were to crossplay..
  15. Makeup for Facial De/Emphasis in Crossplay
  16. Cybergoth crossplay
  17. Question on measurements/Barechested boys.
  18. me in lolita
  19. Poison from Final Fight: Is it really a crossplay??
  20. Does anyone know any chest-minimizing workouts?
  21. Okay, who has bought things from underworks?
  22. Female needing facial hair
  23. suzumya
  24. Pregnant Deidara x
  25. MtF Crossplayable characters ?
  26. Question for the ladies
  27. soubi help
  28. Soubi help
  29. How can I make my face more boyish?
  30. can i pull it off and any surggestions
  31. Fake scruffy stubble?
  32. Help for a total newbie at cosplay.
  33. Does it suit me?
  34. How to pass off as a girl better when crossplaying?
  35. Sport Crossplaying help!
  36. lust
  37. Natsu- Fairy Tail
  38. Raver Alice
  39. an idea for a first crossplay
  40. Underworks chest binder help!
  41. How can women cosplay guys with open chests?
  42. Help! Cosplaying as Anti-Sora problem I've got a large bust corsets dont work!
  43. Ftm Help!
  44. Boy or Girl??
  45. First Crossplay
  46. Avoiding A Faux Pas
  47. Crossdressing for a Maid-Cafe?
  48. Kigrumi
  49. Casey Lynch preview up
  50. Crossplay undies!
  51. Becoming a guy...
  52. Has Any Guys Crossplayed As Yuki Nagato From The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya?
  53. me is snif
  54. Crossplaying a femmy-boy?
  55. Crossplaying Hidan of Naruto
  56. Specific photo?
  57. Rate My first Crossplays?
  58. Confusion
  59. trying to get them to accept
  60. Crossplay not for the cool kids?
  61. Crossplaying a shirtless guy....help?
  62. Is there...
  63. Sheik (guy) is it crossplay? (Zelda)
  64. Worst Crossplay Experiences
  65. Cinderella for Halloween
  66. The 2008 All Hallows Eve Crossplay Thread
  67. Where is that link...
  68. Dealing with Height
  69. How do I acheive a Kenpachi with my fifteen year old face. .?
  70. Those Damn Knotty Knees...
  71. What was your first crossplay and why C:
  72. Binding Damage?
  73. oh the irony
  74. Help With a costume
  75. How to get male friends to accept Male to Female Crossplay?
  76. Crossplay Voice Group
  77. Crossplay help! girl to boy
  78. getting rid of excessive curves??
  79. A Crossplayer is being born?
  80. Cologne?
  81. First Time Crossplayer Here! ^_^V
  82. test kinda no real crossplay
  83. My crossdressing?
  84. High voice- distracting
  85. Parents
  86. choice crossplay
  87. Sit like a girl?
  88. An idea with liquid latex and binding
  89. do you think I can crossplay? ^^;;
  90. Getting in shape for a male role- Suggestions?
  91. crossplay plz
  92. Open Chest Binding?
  93. So last year I crossdressed...
  94. Do you think I look guyish enough in this?
  95. Halloween Crossplay Thread!
  96. cosplay maid
  97. Binding, healthy?
  98. how do I make my character have realistic boobs?
  99. Crossplay Yaoi
  100. Anyone here in LA/OC are of So. Cal?
  101. Chrno Crossplay open chest binding??
  102. I crossplayed... now what ?
  103. Help needed: re suit-painting and general female-male crossplay tips
  104. Where can I buy a good corset?
  105. Beginner make up tips needed
  106. Axel and Roxas crossplay makeup help!
  107. How To Make An Adam's Apple?
  108. question
  109. First cosplay/crossplay
  110. Short male characters/can I pull it off?
  111. Where can I buy Ace Bandages?
  112. Could I pull of a decent crossplay
  113. Lucky Star?
  114. Can I do it/suggestions? HELP?
  115. Who should I crossplay as?
  116. Latex Muscle Bodysuits?
  117. Crossplay question.
  118. help w/ makeup
  119. Problem.... Please help...
  120. Which character is the easiest for you to cosplay?
  121. Crossplaying hips/thighs
  122. crossplay help! boy to girl
  123. General estimate on amount of fangirling
  124. Ratio. From small to tall?
  125. How far do YOU go?
  126. Confusion about Eyes (Girl --> Guy)
  127. i guess this goes here?
  128. Looking for facial hair advice... (F-->M)
  129. Guys bodylanguage
  130. Is binding needed?
  131. Critics and helpful hints?
  132. Can I pass?
  133. Can I crossplay? (DUN DUN DUN)
  134. Cross-Play Suggestions/Could it Work?
  135. Convincing enough?
  136. Crossplay Help (The dreaded "Can I crossplay???")
  137. Introdusing Myself
  138. Could I pull off crossplay?
  139. Universal? "Can I Pass?" thread
  140. F->M trimming eyebrows or no?
  141. Unsure of what to do...
  142. Girl Mannerisms and Body Language
  143. emo
  144. Fake Gotee
  145. Crossplay Misty (M-->F Help) (Caution, little personal)
  146. Masculine face?
  147. Most Desperate Attempt to "Pass"?
  148. Ryofu (Ikki Tousen)
  149. Can I pass? Girl>>Boy
  150. Effectiveness of Compression Shirts and Other Boob Binders?
  151. Do I look like a girl?
  152. MANnerisms and Body Language
  153. I bought it... but the thing is...
  154. hmm a man crossplaying a girl thats crossplaying a guy.
  155. My First Convention Crossplay
  156. Cleaning Your shirt?
  157. (Help)(Teen)Girl Hairstyles?
  158. Looking for passionate cosplayers in SF Bay!
  159. Creating your own binding shirt?
  160. How Faithful Are You to Crossplay?
  161. Smoothest binding without a compression shirt
  162. umm... binding help.
  163. How can I make my voice sound like a guy's voice?
  164. Opinion: Accurate or Taller Shoes?
  165. Bust help D:!
  166. Nipple piercings
  167. Soubi Shoes??
  168. Need help...
  169. I have hit an obsticle
  170. Crossplay in competitive costuming
  171. Securing Ace Bandages
  172. is it right for a guy to crossplay as a sailor senshi
  173. Structural Concerns (MtF)
  174. Crossplay Elitists?
  175. Make a beard with makeup?
  176. Female to Male to...Female...?
  177. T-Kingdom Binder Sizes
  178. need advice to how to make sephiroths shoulders, and a black wing.
  179. Royally stuck...x.x
  180. Another Problem
  181. suichi shindou from gravitation help
  182. Parents: Crossplay? Sure! Binding? No!
  183. Crossplaying Kamui from Gintama HELP!
  184. Hair removal & General Advice
  185. Looking like a guy help!
  186. open chest binding trouble
  187. Wanna attempt a crossplay
  188. Crossplaying with an open shirt?
  189. Is it Wrong to Enter a Contest When Crossplaying a Costume You Didn
  190. Random Question
  191. Fear of Loosing My Ride
  192. Lara Croft by a guy
  193. Full body suite help
  194. binding and where?
  195. I have been presented with a challange.
  196. First at-convention crossplay
  197. Which compression shirt is best for me?
  198. A Question
  199. Breast Shape?
  200. Pushing the limits of binding; is this possible?
  201. Curves With A Belly-Showing Shirt?
  202. Covering Arms & Arm pits?
  203. issues with binding... again
  204. Opinion: "Girly" eye makeup for male characters?
  205. If you're not an expert, when should you start practicing binding?
  206. How to bring up binding to parents??
  207. Article on Crossplay -- Call for Photos
  208. Stupid Man Feet... u_u
  209. man to girl feet-how?
  210. Double Panel or Tri?
  211. Guys Cosplaying as Girls...
  212. Faux Facial Hair.
  213. I Need Help! British Binding Bandages!
  214. Binding "judgement"?
  215. Hiding broad shoulders
  216. Extra-Con-ricular Crossplay + more random Qs!
  217. Boobs and armor
  218. Man to woman shoe sizes...
  219. nerves cure
  220. yoko ritona crossplay
  221. Found my new Crossplay ;)
  222. Plastisol liquid Plastic Falsie
  223. Chest Binding Qs ><
  224. I am a Big Booty CD who should I cosplay? Help!
  225. Making lips look smaller?
  226. Considered Crossplay?
  227. Crossplaying a crossdresser - crossplay or not?
  228. Men's jeans
  229. Question~! How do you bind when your character is wearing a tank top??
  230. Chest Compression/Sizing Issues. Help asap, please? ><;
  231. Dyeing compressions shirts - bare chest
  232. odd binding questions...
  233. Korean Binding Shirts?
  234. A question about a binding method
  235. T-Kingdom Returns
  236. Measurements
  237. Leg help..
  238. I need help with crossplaying as guys
  239. Crossplaying for boys/men
  240. "Are you a boy or a girl ?" Stories
  241. Bra Problems >.<
  242. Being short and crossplaying
  243. about a certian crossplay
  244. Urahara hair problems
  245. For Women: Making their voice deeper
  246. Abusing Your Disguise?
  247. Do I NEED to bind?
  248. Realistic facial hair for women
  249. Shoe Help!
  250. Covering Facial Hair