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  1. How can I change my face to look like this guy who looks like a woman
  2. Crossplay For Guys Panel
  3. Woman cosplaying as a man who dresses...as a girl?
  4. Bathroom Tips?
  5. Binding and other stuff
  6. Help me improve crossplay makeup!
  7. Hiding a compression shirt?
  8. Ninja High School Crossplay suggestions?
  9. New cosplayer considering crossplaying.
  10. Shaving for MtF crossplay: How long does it take for hair to grow back?
  11. The Trouble With Compression Shirts
  12. Some Questions on Binders.
  13. Too much muscles?
  14. Half-Cross?
  15. How far would you go to perfect your crossplay?
  16. Masculine Face/Jaw
  17. I need a little help.
  18. Eyebrows
  19. Shirtless Cosplay Help?
  20. Adams Apples? (Yes, I searched!)
  21. Cosplay Assistance
  22. /Hiding/ the Adam's Apple?
  23. Compression Shirt Newb!
  24. Shoes
  25. haruhi fujioka
  26. Chibitalia; Boobs?
  27. Crossplaying Faith
  28. Random Question about cosplay[girls only]
  29. Is it ruined?
  30. Is it worth it?
  31. Quick Question
  32. Crossplaying as Princess Euphemia, need help with makeup
  33. Compression Vests?
  34. Am I the only one who randomly wants to Crossplay/crossdress?
  35. Shoes for a 46 european size?
  36. Trick to putting on a binder
  37. Question on this binding garment :)
  38. Facial Hair for women.
  39. Any RL locations I could get a chest binder?
  40. Alternatives for crossplaying shirtless guys?
  41. Sideburns?
  42. Is that crossplay?
  43. First time crossplayer
  44. Help for a Girl Crossplayer
  45. How to be RIPPED
  46. how to explain cosplaying/crossdressing? (and other questions)
  47. Crossplay in Academia
  48. First time Cross/Cosplaying. Haruhi Suzumiya
  49. Making patterns for your crossplay
  50. Parents, crossplay, and my dilemma (Long)
  51. Make up to look more manly?
  52. Defined breast under bodysuit
  53. Why do women usually do a better job cosplaying men than men themselves?
  54. crossplay at a masquerade mainly mtf
  55. National Geographic's "Taboo"
  56. Do you change your voice when crossplaying?
  57. They won't go away!
  58. First crossplay questions.
  59. New to this whole thing.....
  60. Should I even bother trying to crossplay?
  61. Danbo
  62. Im scared to crossplay
  63. Costume purchasing and adam's apple?
  64. Any one Knows the book "Wanna be a pretty girl"
  65. "Crossplay" roles in Movies
  66. Type of binder?
  67. Are big eyes feminine?
  68. Open chest crossplay?
  69. Help on Binding and a Question about Cutting a vest.
  70. Extreme Transformation! [Before & After Photos]
  71. Broad shoulders masculine or feminine?
  72. First (Extravagant) Crossplay - Need Some Tips (Warning: Novel Inside)
  73. Compression help. T^T
  74. Female Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)?
  75. Cosplaying/Crossplaying Traps!
  76. Artifical Muscles. Help?
  77. How do I crossplay a guy who is, essentially, crossplaying?
  78. Princess azula pattern
  79. Crossplay Makeup help
  80. Binding Corsets?
  81. Why the long face? Literally
  82. Would it still be crossplaying?
  83. FTM (female to male crossplay) packing ( may be graphic)
  84. Help? Men properly fitting in Women's knee high boots???
  85. Help w/ chest area
  86. That awkward moment when...
  87. DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY ..or was it the other way?
  88. How would I bind for this shirt?
  89. not taking it seriously
  90. Do girls like it when GIRLS crossplay?
  91. Tailor dummy for crossplay.
  92. How to be masculine-looking in tight pants?
  93. Should I bother?
  94. W-well, I could use some tips, here.
  95. Thinner lips
  96. Crossplay for guys; Showing cleavage
  97. Long eyelashes?
  98. Breast Binding for Crossplaying
  99. Do you think my measurements are good?
  100. Thinking of crossplay but.....
  101. Want to Crossplay Male Lulu
  102. Facial Hair Removal
  103. Saeko(HotD) Crossplay, and general questions
  104. First time crossplaying
  105. FF13 Lightning Cosplay
  106. A tight situation.
  107. Len Kagamine Crossplay *HELP!*
  108. Crossplaying gender as well as generation
  109. Padding
  110. Crossplaying male-female
  111. For guys: how do friends react to the subject of crossplay
  112. How to make Exposed Cleavage?
  113. Facially how for a chick crossplayer to look a bit more dudeish?
  114. Should I bind for this character?
  115. Crossplaying a Shirtless Man
  116. crossplaying a large bust size
  117. Backless Binding?
  118. What do you think of...?
  119. Tank-top binding?
  120. I want to be Sailor Mercury
  121. Crossplay groups and organizations
  122. Question for girl crossplayers
  123. "You're crossplaying?" and other misfires
  124. Should I Really Bind? (prefer females only to read, but guys'll probably anyways.)
  125. Any male crossplayers around?
  126. how do i...
  127. How to create big fake cleavage?
  128. Shapely butt and waist...help?
  129. 2011 Crossplay for Halloween thread
  130. Going too far to guess your gender?
  131. Underworks
  132. Making a heavy girl look like a skinny guy?
  133. Underworks for hour-glass girls?
  134. Male Crossplayers
  135. binding for normal cosplay?
  136. Bunching from a compression vest
  137. Suggestions...
  138. Size 17 womens shoes
  139. Is there a way to talk him into it?
  140. I need some help with a Miku Hatsune crossplay. Please read first, thank you!
  141. Tiny, tiny waist
  142. telling your parents/family members about crossplaying
  143. How to convince Dad..?
  144. Hip padding and Breast
  145. Crossplay suggestions?
  146. New Crosplay project
  147. Comissioning - Use your gender or no?
  148. cosplay bullies
  149. Creating bulk for girl to guy crossplay?
  150. Open shirt binding and My dilemma.
  151. Binding Injury Help! (a little descriptive...)
  152. Open chest binding for large breasts
  153. Binding for Luffy (1Piece)
  154. Creating fake muscles for Women
  155. Eyebrow dilemma
  156. Crossdressing Wig
  157. Female Voice
  158. Makeup for a newb Male
  159. Crossplaying Mio Akiyama
  160. Male - How to get more feminine figure?
  161. Underarmor and crossplaying
  162. Men cosplaying females??
  163. Crossplay make up tutorials?
  164. Questions about open-shirt binding
  165. Mikuo Matryoshka Crossplay
  166. Binding help?
  167. Binding help
  168. Yui Hirasawa
  169. Female to Prettyboy Makeup help
  170. Need good online sources for stockings.
  171. Ordering Online :/
  172. Getting into character: girls getting a more boyish voice?
  173. Any advice for cosplaying bishonen characters?
  174. Looking for boots.. again.
  175. Curvy Girl to Muscular Male Superhero
  176. Makeup help!
  177. Ideas for comical additions?
  178. Men's pants help?
  179. Kingdom Hearts Crossplay
  180. What to use for padding waist?
  181. Easy crossplay for Halloween!?!?
  182. Avoiding Blisters?
  183. Binding help, please!
  184. Crossplaying a crossdresser - Makeup?
  185. Too masculine for crossplay?
  186. Binding help?
  187. Crossplay MisaMisa (Death Note) =^_^=
  188. Why do you Crossplay?
  189. Hiding a corsette under spandex... help?
  190. Problems. Leg Hair won't disappear.
  191. Facial hair ideas
  192. Sewing Pattern Differences
  193. So..
  194. How to make a guy look more....shota.
  195. I Cant Bind?
  196. Making thicker arms?
  197. Binding suggestions: I need urgent help!!
  198. Binding Help For A G Cup??
  199. Shirtless Binding - Possible?
  200. Ideal size for crossplay?
  201. Male to Female Advice
  202. Grell Sutcliff...crossplay?
  203. For men... feminizing the chin...
  204. What kind of bandage is this?
  205. Help with Binding for Kau/Inu from Togainu no Chi
  206. Binding help for C46 cup, and cosplay ideas
  207. Possible Binding Methods?
  208. Looking for MtF Magical Girl Crossplayers
  209. Posing like a big ego warrior...rich boy?
  210. Fake Boobs FOR GIRLS
  211. Why is cross-playing wrong...
  212. Tips for hiding neckline and binder outlines?
  213. Ivy's General Sweet Lolita Help Thread (Questions / tips galore!)
  214. looking to be a awesome crossplayer
  215. Strapless Binder Suggestions and Photos
  216. Figures fit for Crossplay...
  217. Large, inexpensive, ladies boots? (in blue)
  218. I need some help
  219. need help with cheap but good kunoichi costume
  220. Need some questions answered about binding with bandages!
  221. Binding issues
  222. MtF crossplay question
  223. Crossplaying tips
  224. I need a beard!
  225. Can you name this outfit for me?
  226. Vanishing Butt?
  227. MtF question features
  228. Fundamental makeup concepts?
  229. Gray fullbuster
  230. Question about Shaving
  231. Wig Question
  232. How to bind?
  233. Trap help.
  234. Facial hair cover up
  235. Enough is enough
  236. Binder
  237. male to female shoulders questions
  238. Is this possible?
  239. turn a curvey girl into a little boy
  240. First attempt at this.
  241. Turning a girl into a buff guy?
  242. Heels
  243. open chest binding without tape?
  244. Treating people with respect reguarding their gender
  245. binding question??
  246. Easy FtM Crossplay Makeup Tutorial
  247. Tight Clothing/Large Breasts Binding help?
  248. Showing Cleavage without showing straps?
  249. The Ugly Girl syndrome
  250. Hiding my curves! Help!