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  1. Cosplay.com Picnic - May 4th in Irvine, CA
  2. Info
  3. Entertainment
  4. Question
  5. What costume are you bringing?
  6. What time will everyone be ariving?
  7. Anyone that lives in the SF Bay Area can give me a ride to this event?
  8. Prop Weapons question
  9. How many photos do you plan on taking at the gathering?
  10. places to change?
  11. Did the date change or am I losing my mind
  12. So, who's all coming?
  13. Anyone else dreaming of this gathering?
  14. Rub-a-dub-dub, who's bringin' the Grub?
  15. The roll of the dice
  16. Games and Fun
  17. Argh!
  18. The R.S.V.P. Thread
  19. Food
  20. Weather forecast
  21. :stands up: "Hi, my name is [insert name here] and I'm a cosplayer..."
  22. *confused*
  23. anyone in San Diego want to Carpool??
  24. Anyone ellse bringing a NGPC or a GBA?
  25. Coolers
  26. Does anyone want to be in a Music Video?
  27. The Weather
  28. Weapon question....
  29. The Final Countdown...what else do you have to do?
  30. Updates
  31. Post Your PHotos! :)
  32. Aftermath
  33. Roll Call - cosplay.com picnic
  34. Lionel's apologies to anyone missed during the picnic
  35. Group Shot
  36. So..where did YOU get burned?
  37. Post your own picnic reports-either here or your LJ
  38. Pimpsugyu: Expert of PIMP Justice.
  39. Ok ok.....I apologize Pimpsugyu!
  40. Did Lynzie show up to the gathering?
  41. LLNN @ Cosplay.com Spring Break 2003 report is up!
  42. Countdown your favorite Picnic moments
  43. Will Mel / Cham Cham please contact me
  44. "Official Photos" update
  45. Photos are up.
  46. Cosplay Trailer
  47. Next Time?
  48. Music Video
  49. Before for the picnic May 4th