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01-14-2007, 10:24 PM
Well, I have seen many requests recently on Kankurou, and being a fan of him (idunoe why, he is jjust so cool!), i felt that I could have something that might prove useful to some. If not, at least a rough reference to improve.

I must say that mine's not the PERFECT one, but hey, use it as a guide~:rockon:

Material: Cotton (Black)
This really tears people apart. Coz its actually one of the harder parts to get sewing together.
Heres how mine looks like:

Get a cap adjusted to your head size, then use that as a guide to cut out the template for the cap.

Note the top pics for how i Joined the cap together. Once u get the hang of it, it aint too hard.

As for the pointy ears, stuff them with those cotton / poly material commonly used for shoulder pads / stuffing. I didnt seal them in, coz i could still take out the stuffing and drop my cap for a wash in the machine without damaging the stuffing

Main suit
Material: Cotton (Black); for the suit
Material: Cotton (white, red and off colour yellow); for the logo

I based his costume as a one piece suit. Some what like a workers overall (those kind that technicians wear, less the pockets and zips).
Remember to leave ample space for the under-the-crotch-area, coz if u dun, it will rip when u bend down! :bigtu:

The logo was cut out to size (leave some allowance on the edges), then assembled by itself BEFORE sewing it on to the suit.
Hem the white over the round logo (heres where the allowance will allow the white portion to hem over the frnt and back of the round logo).

Material: Cotton (Black); for the folded area

I managed to get a pair of gloves, made of stocking like material. This makes it really comfortable to wear on prolonged periods of time.
I extended the wrist area with more cloth, to get the folded look.
I actually have these for sale, check out my signature at the end of this post.

Material: Newspaper, Masking tape, cardboard roll (those that they roll cloth around on at textie shops) and white spray paint (preferably those that are kinda waterproof)

My puppet was a post-jump, so theres no hair (*phew*). But to start off, just use a cardboard roll (i salvaged it frm my textile shop where i bought all the cloth, so it was free), lightly crush the newspaper and start forming the basic curves of the puppet.
the key here is to NOT TOTALLY crush the newspaper. By doing so, u get the volume faster.
Use masking tape to loosely hold the newspaper together.. Repeat till u get the final shape and size.
Then use more masking tape, bind it around tight like a mummy. The key is to go around tight. But this can be done nicely only if u have enuff newspaper as volume under it.
Finally, spray paint it. I didnt wanan waste time with bandages, cox:
1. bandages are more expensive,
2. they dun last long, &
3. gets dirty easily.

Basically thats about it. I even have a kunai pouch but i shant go into it.
I hope this would be helpful and i would welcome (contructive) critisism on this~

02-12-2007, 07:49 AM
Wonder if any one used thi tutorial...can post some WIPs?