View Full Version : Narutards for Dragon*Con 2007

01-21-2007, 11:54 AM
Yep. =) I'm excited but...

OH NOES. I was so excited about premiering Yuna for this and so occupied with Lil_Krn_Yuna convincing me to do Soi Fong as well for D*C, I completely shrugged aside my Naruto costume! O.O

Okay, well, I dunno if I'm gonna go as a Naruto character. -stabs chest- Dragon*Con is pretty expensive so I don't know if I can make it for three days. We have Monday off because it's Labor Day, right? So if I can make it for Monday than I'll have to figure out things.

I need to see which day I want to wear Yuna for the FF/KH shoot and then Soi Fong for the Bleach shoot and then obviously Temari for the Naruto shoot. *this is Tema's first outfit btw; well, I may steal my friend's Sasuke Retrieval outfit for this if I'm not too fat to fit into it* I'm probably gonna commit suicide if these are all on the same day. o.o

It would probably be better if we had multiple photoshoots, this way people who aren't there or are doing different costumes can make it to either one. Sunday may work, but there's a FF/KH photoshoot at around 2:00 that I and probably some other people are planning to go to. So this may result in me wearing Yuna on Sunday. If I go two days, than I'm wearing Soi Fong for the parade and on Saturday. If I go three, than it's a whatif between Soi Fong and Tema for Saturday and Monday.

Any ideas and suggestions for places?