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08-16-2002, 11:16 PM
It's a great game, and I really want to see some cosplay from it! Seriously, if you have a GBA, you should try this game!!! And there's a sequel coming out early next year... ^_^ I think the characters are all really cute, and getting a whole group of them would rock. I'm planning to do Ivan someday, but he probably has the least interesting outfit. If you like villains, Saturos & Menardi are pretty cool! Here's a link to a page with pics of all the characters:


Philia Philis
08-17-2002, 06:40 PM
FELIX! XD I adore Felix, mweee! *will cosplay Felix someday*

*still can't believe his Japanese name is... Garcia* x_X;;;;;;;;;;;;

Someone should do Alex! He's AWESOME. ^_^ I'd wanna cosplay him too, but I can only be one at a time! XD

08-17-2002, 06:44 PM
When did thid thread pop up and why did I not see it before??

Basically, I was looking if people would like to do this cosplay but had trouble convincing people..ah..blah...

Anyway I was planning to do Robin/Isaac at some point but..<looks at cosplay list for the next 10 years..>....it's gonna be a while before it is realised!

08-17-2002, 08:27 PM
Oooh love the pretty pictures. I loved the game and cant wait for the sequel. Cosplay wise i would love to be Mia.

08-19-2002, 08:01 PM
I'd cosplay Garret...

06-03-2009, 08:59 PM
If I had sewing abilities, I would cosplay as Mia in a heartbeat. <3

08-17-2010, 05:01 PM
I'd cosplay as ivan if i could.:crylaugh:

08-19-2010, 03:28 PM
For a while I've kinda wanted to do Saturos, but I'm not sure if I'm at the skill level to be able to do him well yet.