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01-22-2007, 01:50 AM
Well I looked for tutorials and didn't find one (If I missed one sorry!)
It very vague but it might help. I'm looking for constructive critasism so please don't rag on me. It's my first tutorial.
My cameras on the fritz so i can't put pic on and i am so sorry everyone!

I used some materials i found at my local art shop and some from spotlight (australia) but you can use any fabric shop!

You will need:
-1 1/2 meters of thick but bendible wire (more depending on how long you want the tail to be)

-2 large plain hair clips (you can use any colour but black or silver works best)

-some cotton or stuffing

- 160 cm of furry fabric (you choose you favorite)
Australia uses the metric system so may help to find a conversion table.

Lets start with the ears ok!:toothy:

Cut some wire off so that you can shape to look like kitty ears (I used around 20cm but you could be different).
Connect it to the clips by wrapping it around and try them on, adjust it if its uncomfortable, you can also use a headband!

Depending on how large your ears are create a template of the ears for the covers. Measure twice cut and once and stitch up leaving the bottom open.
Slip on to the wire frame

Now put a little stuffing in so you can't see the wire but still looks real.
Leave excess fabric so you can tuck it into the clip.
Try on and adjest if needed.

Now for the tail!:toothy:

Now there are other ways to do this but this is my way, I had a skirt that i had put a horizontal tab on the inside so i could slip the wire inside. (not like the vertical slips for betls!) I also made sure the wire didn't rub on me because IT REALLY HURTS!!!

I cut about 90 cms with 5 cms to wrap around the tab.
Cut 98 cms of fabric by 3cms with one end rounded off (the end of the tail)
Sew up and slip over wire to make sure it fits. Use the stuffing to make it look nice and thick!
Slip it onto the wire thats connected to the tab secure wite a rubber band or similar.
Bend to how you want it to sit an done:toothy:

Mine turned out well so i'll post soon!
If yours dosn't come out well, i'm sorry because my tutorial is vague and its my first but its the way i wrote it for my friends so yeah.

01-22-2007, 06:54 PM
Be nice if you add photos ^^