View Full Version : Digital Camera - HP Photosmart R927

01-23-2007, 07:21 AM
The R927 Digital camera is one of the best. The pictures are crisp and clear. When printing the pictures from the memory card HP has made it easy to do with their software. To enlarge the pictures to 8X10 gives you an exceptional clear and bright picture. The ZOOM function works better than first antisipated. The program operation is simple and if you're using it for the first time, have no fear, you will be able to walk through it with ease. The use of the additional memory card is quick and easy while the camera prompts you to preform all needed functions to initialize the card. It is simple to review your picture and delete it if you don't want you to keep it. I reviewed at least fifteen other websights with camera products and found HP to have the cleanest and most desirable site to operate from. I went to at least 7 different stores and and tried many different cameras out. After doing all my research I determined that HP' s product was the most desirable for me and had all the features, 8.1 MP, Movie capability, speaker and mic built-ins, that I would use as well as teach my sister to use as well. Other features that made this a plus was the red-eye adjustment on the camera as well as other camera functions that made sense. So to summarize, it was the easiest to operate for me, it was easy to teach my wife to use, it had all the features that made sense to me and the camera was small. The one item that I am still in auh about is the clarity of the picture. You can't make a mistake with the R927."