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01-26-2007, 02:03 AM
Greetings everyone,

I was browsing through the photography section here and was shocked to not see a thread regarding any post processing. Forgive me if I've not noticed it or if it's not allowed but I was just sitting here working on Ohayocon photos and had the curiousity to create a thread regarding post processing.

Now, I presume there are several schools of thought on this being:

1. Take results straight from camera to gallery / web page. Don't touch any photo program with a 10' pole.
2. Use programs (ie. Photoshop, Paint, Paintshop Pro, etc.) sparingly to adjust brightness or remove Red Eye but leave the photo as an almost-exact copy of original.
3. Use programs to do more editing and improve clarity such as fixing brightness, levels, curves, or saturation but still leaving the photo as an enhanced version of the original.
4. What original? You're overhauling it so much anyway that people just know it's Photoshopped...

I suppose my question is to inquire on what everyone does or what is most popular. Normally I'm used to taking images straight from camera and posting them online but with recent cons I've noticed that slight tweaking in Photoshop; like levels and such, can really improve some photos. Again I'm sure there is a definite line between corrective fixing and experimental adjusting and ultimately, does one feel it's "wrong" to adjust a photo afterwards? Surely there's personal preference with regards to beauty as the saying goes but I'm curious to ask people as to what they feel crosses the line?

The second part to this post is also, what do people feel with regards to scripts? I've created a good few to assist in Photoshop but surely I still must tweak many manually step by step. I only ask thoughts on batch scripting because as much as I would like to try to end up with the best photos possible (doesn't everyone?), it can be a lot of time to spend on the work.

Surely the answer is to not take quite as many photos all in all but even with a limited number, 1-5 minutes per photo quickly adds up to many hours. I should think that if I'm questioning the dedication of time that doing these improvements may not be for me but nonetheless it seems like the results are worth it.

Again, if anyone would like to share their experiences with editing and thoughts on scripts or batch processing when possible, that'd be greatly appreciated. Ultimately I'd figure, if the photographer knows what they're doing, these tools may need to be used less frequently if at all but rarely is one able to capture every single photo of hundreds of cosplayers in a typical convention setting and have each one be perfectly ideal. ...Or is it possible?

Maybe I just need to practice (with shooting in various conditions) more... Also, answering the why as to what is desired to create an accomplished job is vital.

Again, apologies if a thread like this was already created. Perhaps I should post some samples to better illustrate my thoughts. Those to come later tonight or tomorrow sometime.

01-26-2007, 08:57 AM
i think we have discussed this somewhere on this board before.. but i am too lazy to look for it. so i'll just give my opinion again here..

I use photoshop for all of my private photoshoots. and I spend a ton of time on them. Photoshop usage is a very debated subject in many photography communities and i do believe there is such a thing as overusage, but i am certainly not opposed to photoshopping the hell out of a photo if it will improve the artistic quality of the image. I just think, in most cases, it should be like makeup. Use it, but dont let it be obvious just how much you've used. If you are good at photoshop, you can do a whole lot and make it look like very little.

sooo.. what do i do to images? Well i have a pretty standard workflow for everything i do so here's the basic thing...

1. Make a folder of the best images from a bunch that i want to edit
2. Open Image
3. Make levels adjustment if needed. (Though, personally, this step is usually uneeded if the photo is lit correctly and exposed properly. Good photography easily eliminates this step)
4. Heal tool galore (Fix blemishes, undereye circles, etc. a MUST for any nice portrait. no one's face is perfect, though some require more healing than others)
5. Dodge and burn (This is easy to overdo, so sometimes i gotta go overboard and then slowly reel it back in. Basically use this to make eyes brighter, whiten teeth, enhance highlights in hair, etc.)
6. Crop, resize, save (i do this last cause i dont wanna spend a ton of time editing only to decide i want it cropped differently.)
7. the end!

Sounds like a lot? well it can take a while.. i definitely wouldnt do this for a pile of 100 hallway convention shots. I dont really take hall cosplay shots, I only do this for my planned photoshoots.

And as for scripts/actions? I am not opposed to them but i personally dont use any because i dont feel they give me enough control. I am obsessive and want to edit singular pixels and pores. You cant really rely on actions to help you with that.. but for convention shots you wanna resize? i would think an action would help a ton in that case.

umm i rambled a lot.. the end!

01-26-2007, 11:30 AM
ZiggyB started a good thread on the subject.


01-26-2007, 11:43 AM
ZiggyB started a good thread on the subject.


Thanks for the link to that. I knew there was something somehwere. I remembered reading that thread awhile back but for whatever reason, just couldn't find it.