View Full Version : Original character-help with turtleneck?

01-28-2007, 03:21 PM

'Allo! I am planning to cosplay an original character (hopefully one that will be found to be tasteful. >///< I know origs have a bad rap). But I need a little help. I'm terrible at sewing, but I can modify stuff, and I wanted to know if anybody could give tips as to how to carry out my design.

Note--scan is black-and-white, the colour of the dress is supposed to be more or less, thus:
http://www.poisonpoi.co.uk/images/colours/orderpage/Royal%20Blue.jpg (http://www.poisonpoi.co.uk/images/colours/orderpage/Royal%20Blue.jpg)
((Yeah, the source is random. >w< Google image search FTW.))

As for the texture, it would, in a perfect world, be crinelin (sp?) lined with something inside so as not to be itchy.
However, that's expensive and requires immense skill, so no. That and the cloak that goes with this ensemble (that I already have) is a kind of stretchy nylon, or Lycra; any textures that work well with that but are still elegant and refined to the eye?

This is the design. http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h98/Insane_DekuPrincess/jyeragown.jpg

An alternate colour I like is this: http://www.surf-uk.org/suede-powder_blue.jpg

Thank you very much! :thumbsup:

EDIT: On second thought I do prefer the powder-blue, but I've already started with the royal blue. XP That's okay.

EDIT again: In a little while I should scan and post the sash/obi part of the design, including the diagram of how I hope to attach it.