View Full Version : Seeking Cloud & Sephiroth For Panel Room Performance At Connecticon!!!

02-15-2007, 01:54 PM
I'm the scriptist for a musical which is in it's second year of running at Connecticon. We have just held auditions for this year's performance, but have found no one for Cloud or Sephiroth. This is not a huge problem, for neither character has a solo part, only singing in ensemble. Basically we just need each of them to be someone who can handle acting and some very basic dancing.

The musical is always a blast, and this year we have an opportunity at maybe performing on the mainstage. Whether we get mainstage or not, we attract a big crowd.

Anyone else who is interested in performing, we could still use ensemble, and are looking for a few other smaller roles. Email/message me if interested. Thanks!^^