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02-15-2007, 02:17 PM
I already posted this lil tidbit in an already-existing thread, but it isn't visited much, so I'll make my own! Espesially if anyone wants to discuss it and such!!

Well, to start-- the chin/jaw shadow is really easy to replicate with the right shade of eyeshadow! It's suprisingly easy!

Por ejemplo.

This is just normal me, with a little bit of powder, blush, and eye stuffs. XP
Just to show you my actual gender side!

And here's Heath, my crossplay fella. XD

Aside from the color of the eyes on the second photo, nothing was photoshopped or edited. All it is is different shades of brown, gray, and black eyeshadow.

First I put on my usual foundation, (and make sure to put powder on as well so it doesn't screw up the texture and consistency of when you put the eyeshadow on. You don't want part of your face looking powdery and another part not). Then I took a triangular sponge and traced the very bottom and underside of my jaw with the darkest shade I wanted him to have. Make sure to go up into your hair for that "sideburn" look too, if his face calls for it.

If you're pale like me, you'll want to go aaaaall the way down to your neck, where your shirt or whatever type of clothing you'll be wearing will begin. The shade should slowly fade into a normal color the further down it goes, though. For the Adam's Apple, just take a slightly darker color than that which is on your neck already, tilt your head back, and define the nonexistant bump with a small semi-circle or accent. Then blend! ^^

The eyebrows are done the same way, using a small eyeshadow brush and following my own eyebrows first, then adding a LITTLE-- not much! more above and beneath to make them thicker. This also darkens the color for ya.

From then on, it was just all about putting it where you wanted! As other threads prescribe, if you're going to accent your cheeks, do it by going -beneath- your cheekbone, not ontop of it. That's for girls, ladies! We're men today!! >:U You just have to make sure to blend blend blend! I find that putting a little under the eyes helps too, but of course, for many crossplays the characters aren't so MANLY! This is just an example of extreme crossplay makeup techniques.

And yes, my guy has a 'stache. But yours doesn't have to! Mine's just exotic. >>

For a more feminine touch to your man make-up (ie you're cosplaying a lovely bishie), just use lighter colors and don't go SO hard on tracing your jawline. Even if your character doesn't have stubble or 5-o'clock shadow, you should do a little something just to make your face appear to have a man's features; the strong jaw and less 'plump' cheeks.

Sure, there's stubble you can buy and blahdy blah.. but this is a much simpler, less-messy way to do it! ^^ Hee-Hee does things the cheap, ghetto way! And I loves it.

If anyone has any questions, I'll be happy to help if I can! Take care!

02-15-2007, 08:53 PM
^^ im interested in this now. great tutorial!

02-15-2007, 11:53 PM
^^ Thanks! The great thing with this is that, after trying the techniques, if you don't like it or mess up-- it's easy to wash off! You'd just use a regular sealer to keep it there for long-term use, too.