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02-16-2007, 12:31 PM
k everyone who went into Dealer's room [and i'm pretty sure everyone who went to Anime LA went into there ne?] did any of you get a business from the booth that sold the Cloud & Roxas & Axel plushies???? it was the only both that sold them & my teacher asked me if i could give her my business card to her so she can buy her son a Cloud plushie but i lost mine ;_____;

i know it's like a month already after that but if you can help out any way possible that'd be...helpful :3

sorry for all the trouble ^^;;;;;;;;

02-16-2007, 03:54 PM
If nothing else, this was the list of the vendors we had this year:

* Anime Palace http://www.animepalace.com/
* Anime Pavilion http://www.animepavilion.com/
* Anime V http://www.animev.com/
* Brick by Brick Design
* Cartoon Passion http://www.cartoonpassion.com/
* Creativepear http://www.fatrabbitfarm.com/
* Greentea Design http://greenteadesignsus.com/
* The Hornsmythe
* IMT Anime http://www.imtanime.com/
* Iris Print
* Jones Bones
* Justmanga.com
* Kichi-oni
* M. Mannatt Fine Books
* Starry Petals http://www.xanga.com/Starrypetals
* Toy Mandala http://toymandala.com/
* Yes Anime http://etoyer.com/

I didn't put links to the ones that I know for sure didn't have what you're looking for.