View Full Version : In need of a room for Dragon*Con 2007

Luna Selene
03-02-2007, 05:02 PM

This is my first time attending Dragon*Con, hopefully. I can get a plane ticket and a registration, but sadly I lack a room to stay in. That's where you come in. :D This isn't my first time at a con or rooming with other people, so don't be nervous about that.

- I'd like to stay Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, with at least four people in the room. I'd prefer a room with no more than six or seven people, depending on the size.
- I'd like to stay at the Mariott, Hilton, or Hyatt.
- I'd prefer a bed to sleep in, but if I have to sleep on the floor I will.
- I'm obviously a cosplayer, and I plan on bringing around eight or so costumes. Most of them can be folded and stored easily, but I know I'll have 2-3 long gowns which will need to be hung in a closet. Only one of them is somewhat bulky. No hoopskirt/petticoat or anything, but it's a fair amount of material.
- I'd prefer an all female room, but won't say no to a male and female room either. Just know that I'll be back and forth in the room several times a day to change costumes.
- I'm a non-smoker, but I'll be 21 by the time of Dragon*Con and will probably drink. I won't be bringing my own booze though, so you don't have to worry about me bringing alcohol into the room.
- I can pay by money order, check, or paypal in full probably by early August.

Please PM me if you can help me out! Thanks so much!

03-02-2007, 10:01 PM
Hay, this would be my first dragon-con too. Me and three of my guy friends are coming from orlando to stay thurs-mon morning. maybe you could hep pay for the room. I am only 19 but my guy freinds are 20. get ahold of me for more info.