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03-12-2007, 09:18 AM
I felt like making a scythe fro my Light costume and suddenly a tutorial!

Materials used:
Cardboard (Got these from some packages my parents received for furniture)
Tree (Saw to cut it)
Hot glue gun + extra glue
1/4" copper tubing (From Ice-Maker Installation kit at ACE Hardware)
Styrene Sheeting (Get this at Joanns etc. in the quilting section)
Duct Tape

Here I have pictures as I went along
First Picture:
Scythe Progress 1

First I cut down a very thin tree, maybe 1.5 inches in diameter.
Next I cut out a pattern of card board for the scythe's body.
Then I used 1/4" O.D. Copper Tubing (You can get this from ACE Hardware, It's in an Ice-maker Installation kit.) to make a skeleton of the body.
I attached the body to the tree by wrapping the copper tubing around the tree and then nailing it in. I then dulled the nails I used to prevent injuries (Prevent injuries from a scythe???)

Second Picture:
Scythe Progress 2
I traced around the scythe's outline and cut that out, 2 pieces.
Next I taped those two together with duct tape around the skeleton of the scythe.

Third Picture:
Scythe Progress 2.5

I added the blade by getting some styrene sheeting (Can be bought in the quilting section at Joanns etc.). You can also use Sheet Metal, preferably aluminum. But be aware of a cons rules.
I cut out the pattern that I wanted for the blade after I traced it. Cut out 2 pieces.
I then glued the two pieces together only on the edge to make the blade seem a bit sharp with some hot glue.

Fourth Picture:
Scythe Progress 2.75 (http://images.cosplay.com/showphoto.php?photo=1012624)

Right here all I changed was I painted the scythe, you might want to add a primer on before you add the paint. I also cut out paper and put that around the scythe for tracing a pattern onto the craft foam which will be the actual body, not the paper. hope that made sense.

Fifth Picture
Scythe Progress 3 (http://images.cosplay.com/showphoto.php?photo=1015510)

I cut out the craft foam after I traced the pattern from the paper onto it and then I glued it on with Hot glue.

Here's a picture of my holding my scythe, Yay (http://images.cosplay.com/showphoto.php?photo=1015661)
Well that's my tutorial for a scythe, I hope it's helpful or someone else can improve it.