View Full Version : Simplest possible visual tutorial PLEASE!

03-14-2007, 10:07 PM

yes, Imma girl, but zexion is FREAKING AWESOME! and I am trying to help my friends out too (my friends are going as other organization thirteen members too! X3)

I need the simplest possible tutorial on how to make zexion's hair, or a similar tutorial. cheap too please, I don't care if it lasts long, but I'd rather it not be expensive please :3 anything? please respond quickly ^^;; the conventions I wanna go to are this weekend and like the first week in april X_X possible sakura-con too, iunno :3 :angel: it doesen't have to be all visual, plenty of directions is fine, but some pictures would be nice :3

(edit) if you have advice on how to style long blond hair into short silvery-blue spiky hair like zexion's, that's work too.