View Full Version : Air Gear - Skull Sader Jacket Help

03-31-2007, 01:50 PM
Okay, I recently finished watching Air Gear...and now I'm hooked. Here's the problem:

Tekko V is April 13th. I must put together an Air Gear costume before then. I can't sew to save a life, but I can make props. So I started looking for a costume I could put together quickly and be accurate. My answer...a skull sader rider...simply because I can make the mask and badge on the back of the coats easily.

Now my question is...

I need some sort of jacket/robe that I could use for a base (to die to purple and do the designs with). Here is what they look like:


I was thinking a bath robe, if I can find one with a hood, and one that isn't a rough cotton simply because I know cotton will take dye the easiest and I can just wax the white parts and iron it out afterwards.

It's a pretty simple design, so what I need are suggestions of what to use as a base jacket...and I need em fast. So please...any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.