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04-03-2007, 07:28 AM
i need help. i'm making a kamen rider faiz or kabuto costume.
it's my 1st project and i have no idea how to make it.
can someone teach me? plzzz...

what to get?
how to make?
where can i get it?

04-13-2007, 09:41 AM
Awesome! Im currently in correspondence with a cosplayer who is doing a Kamen Rider Black. Im currently testing some designs to help him create the faceted eyes for the helmet. I can tell you though how to make the helmet. Its kind of a lot to post at the moment since Im late for my next class but Ill post it later for you! CHECK BACK.

04-14-2007, 11:16 PM
thanx, coz i'm quite worried thinking how to make the helmet. haha

04-15-2007, 12:50 AM
OKay heres the helmet tutorial for you. I just posted this in the power ranger thread too but heres a special just for you.

Theres only two ways Ive found to make a faceted eye like a bugs like kamen rider.
Either cast lenses out of crystal clear 202 liquid plastic then lay some red thin mesh you can see through on it and brush more liquid plastic to it.
Make your lenses (casting is best bet which is explained in tutorial in a bit) and then going to a tint shop and getting red car tint and have them print a shit out with dots. NOT A FLAT SHEET OF RED. But a sheet of just red dotted pixels. They make portrait tints for back windshields out of colored pixel tints and you can see through it inside the lens but itll look great on the outside.

Heres the tutorial for you!
Okay here goes the nice tutorial on

Step one is to make a sculpture of your helmet. The best way I know of to do this (as well as the cheapest) is to by a mannequin head roughly the size of your own.

Next is to take air dry clay and clump it all over this thing into ROUGHLY the shape of the helmet.

Next after it hardens you should draw with a sharpie on the clay the shape of the eyes and lens and etc. and then take files, sand paper of both thick and fine grits and even dremels drills etc (whatever you think you can do this part with really) and you file and sand this thing into the shape you need.

Now that your sculpture is complete rub vaseline ALLLLLLL over it (dont leave globs or clumps it should be a smooth greasy coating not a something all goopy)

Now take a jug of fiberglass resin (available in LARGE amounts for $20 at lowes and homedepot in the adhesives section) and mix it up. Dont be too afraid to use those drops of hardener when mixing this either. For an amount the size of a pepsi can of liquid I would use around 80+ drops. Dont go crazy though or itll over harden and crack so no spraying in a jet of it. COUNT THOSE DROPS.

You paint this on the greased one half at a time. For most helmets you paint on the face first and after it hardens. Then you add strips of fiber weave cloth(also in adhesives section) and paint them to this hard resin with MORE resin. Once thats dry its REALLY hard and tough because its a full on helmet piece. mark its outline and pull it off of the greased mold. THen you would paint the back half of the mold in resin repeat the weaving and remove it when its hardened. If they dont fit uniformly after wards you can sand them into shape.

If anything is not smooth itll sand so dont worry.

You connect these by attaching a hinge inside the crown of the helmet with iquid nail to bond the hinge in place. NO screw holes this way.

Next youll need to make snaps to hold the sides on correctly. If anyone remembers the white ranger removing his helmet youll know what I mean. Basically liquid nail a snap on both sides of the helmet. Cut two pieces of vinyl and attach the other half of the snaps to these. Snap them to the mounted snaps and liquid nail the new vinyl buckles to the sides of the helmet where they lay. You'll want to have them snapped before mounting to ensure a proper fit.

Many is the helmet that looked like garbage by using a cheasy paint. Instead primer the helmet with spray primer. And (your choice) you can go glossy plastic look like power rangers or metallic biker helmet look.

Power Ranger look is simple.
Find the spray color you need and spray it. If you need a custom color use airbrush paints which are modeled in design to be like car paint and just mix them.
After this buy Krylon Clear Glaze finish. Yes you could top coat with polyurethane to get that glossed finish...in like 50 coats though. Ive used this stuff and it takes ONE COAT. It takes 24 hours to set right and its incredible. Its whats used to finish ceramics and GUITARS. Use this trust me. Just check my belt buckle out on my Skwisgaar cosplay to see what one coat did.

Metallic look
Go buy airbrush paint at a craft store. It will literally say airbrush paint and be in bottles the size of craft paint. No Im not talking about car model paint. This stuff is for airbrushing designs on clothing. The thing is its based upon car paint and it works exactly the same. Its thin so metal fleck will cause the whole paint job to look metallic. If it was thicker like other paints that couldnt go through an air gun the metal fleck would just look like glitter on your helmet. Its like a paint glaze or tint and it goes on smoothly with a foam brush and wont streak.
Next buy some metal fleck in the airbrush section. This is just pulverised glitter in various colors. Want that black helmet to glisten purple like batmans tights when the lights hit it? Black airbrush paint + purple fleck mixed together and brushed on.
Want more metal? Add more fleck. Less metallic? Less fleck.
Mixing colors gets fun here folks and I encourage experimenting with this incredible stuff. Green paint with gold fleck is beautiful. Red paint with bronze fleck is awesome. The list goes on and on. GO CRAZY.

Yeah anyhow mix fleck and airbrush paint here and then use the Krylon CLear Glaze product I mentioned earlier. Its at wal-mart for $4

Now for the lens!
Cut out the area on your helmet that this will go into. You can do this several ways.
Cut plastic off a coke bottle and liquid nail it inside the helmet then use car tint on it purchased from a local glass tinter.
Use clear dark vinyle mounted in the same manner.
Go to smooth-on.com purchase crystal clear 202 liquid plastic and cast a lens off the piece you cut out in the same manner that the helmet was cast then tint it.
Your choice.

FInally making the helmet FIT. ITll wiggle. A LOT. Best method is to just slowly pack in soft bed foam until you have a nice fit. Not snug but nice. Then use spray glue on some felt and stick it to the foam for a nice soft fit.


This is good for round helmets like megaman that have few details.
Take a balloon and blow it up to adequate size.
Draw helmet on it with marker.
Take elmers glue and paint strips of paper all over balloon.
When dry pop ballon and peal out.
YOu now have a stiffish paper helmet you can see the marker pattern inside.
Cut the pattern of your helmet off the lines that were transferred onto the paper.
Now inflate a new balloon into this helmet.
Brush on bondo to the helmet.
Then fiber resin/fiber weave the bondod helmet (the bondo SEALED the paper so it wouldnt melt and distort!)
Now sand and paint your round helmet!
Do any cutting in half and snap adding as necessary.
This was invented and showed to me by my wife when she started her quickman helmet as seen below.

04-18-2007, 09:28 AM
Heres a diagram