View Full Version : J-rock Top Ten List Contest

04-15-2003, 01:20 AM
A new contest for the fans of J-rock ~ to be announced at the AX J-rock Events on stage!

The Contest:

We would like to kick off the events with a top ten list entitled Top Ten Signs You're Overly Obsessed With J-rock
You can PM or e-mail your suggestions (however many, however little) to me and the final 10 will be announced at the J-rock Events themselves. You do not need to attend AX to participate - as there are no prizes - except for the satisfaction in knowing you're witty enough to be quoted. Credit will be given to each of the quoted. We're looking for witty/funny and even true whacky little quips - signs you truly are an overly obsessed J-rock fan!


10. You've turned your favorite j-rockers birthday into your own private holiday and take off work/school - saying it is a "religeous holiday"

Anyway - don't reply to this thread with your suggestions - we want to keep them a surprise! E-mail me at Onyxmoon@pacbell.net or PM me with your suggestions =D

good luck!