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04-17-2007, 09:04 AM
T.N.A Production. “What?” is some of you might ask or ponder. But knowing how the human mind works (I confess, not much), most of you will ignore everything. Just hear me, or rather read, out. First, I’m going to warn you on one or two things, maybe even more. Most of what I say will not make sense…yet. Don’t have your hopes up too high, but don’t loose any hope either! I might return to some parts throughout the whole time…in short, I’ll be jumping here and there, back and forth, etc. You’ve been warned, okay? So don’t start anything about how lame or confusing my explanation is. Now, let’s move on!

T.N.A Production was thought up by me, named by Kim-Tram. I was bored one day and I got this inspiration to open up this production. T.N.A stands for Tenshi no Akuma (Angel’s Devil). As I said before, the name came from Kim-Tram, not me. At first, I wanted to keep the production open to only my high school’s Japanese Club. But I’ve been thinking hard and drove myself to the brink of insanity (it wasn’t only this problem alone) if I should open it up to everybody else or not. I invited a friend of mine, but didn’t receive an answer…yet. Finally, I talked to Kim-Tram and we agreed to open it up to everyone.

Small basic history is finished, let’s move on. So…what’s the point of T.N.A? At first what I had in mind was skits and music videos. But then opening this up…I want to expand! I mean, other than doing skits and music videos, we do short dramas, anime re-play, acting out a manga scene, and if possible, a cooking program. Let me elaborate on the anime re-play part. What I meant is…to simply put it…we act out a certain scene of an anime/movie. Of course, it got to be something we’re able to do.

What I have in mind is possibly music video parodies and other random things. Let’s jump back to the short drama. Short drama…because we lack cast. But! If we have a lot, we could do a long drama (10 episodes+). Short dramas are around 4-5 episodes, each is 30 minutes long. But that might change if we have a lot of people working. Now back to music video parodies. Everybody, of course, should know what a parody is. In case some don’t (which I highly doubt, but just in case), a parody is a humorous imitation of a serious literature, in this case, music video. But those are what I have in mind. We might do it or not. Depends.

Let’s continue on! I’m afraid that this is going to be the longest paragraph in this whole thing. Anyways! Cast and crew are important! We can’t forget that! Everybody that joins the production will have a job! Of course, you get to choose yourself! Singers/actors are really, really, really, really, really, REALLY important to us! No duh! Without them…we can’t do anything…AT ALL! Scriptwriters, come on, without them, we won’t be anywhere! If you say we don’t need them…YOU’RE WRONG! We won’t be able to start on anything! Also, they’re the storyboard planners. Now there a three roles that I will be “testing” you on: director, editor, and camera person. For director, you must be able to read what the scriptwriters want. Of course, you’ll be working with the scriptwriters for the storyboard to plan out the whole project. Camera people, you need to know lighting, angles, etc. As for editor, you need to know how to use Adobe Premiere and edit, etc. Before I forget, we can’t forget choreographers. We need them to help with us on the dance moves for music videos. Wow…I’ll move on. But before I do, jobs will be in detailed when you join.

Meet and greet. There will always be on when we’re working on a project. Just as it states, meet and greet. No duh! In that meeting, we will introduce ourselves and roles to everybody. Also…we’ll talk about the project and what the plans are.

I just realized I didn’t talk about the purpose of the production….SORRY! Our purpose is…ENTERTAINMENT and meet new people! ^^ I mean it.

Remember how I say don’t keep your hopes too high? Well…I’m sorry, but this is due to transportation, some of the members are still in school, etc. I’m going to restrict this production to only those that live in the Orange County, CA area. I’m really sorry. Most of the members can’t leave this part of the area and some don’t know how to drive. There’s lot of problems right now.

Oh! As for the meet and greet…I’m sorry to those that joins…the location will be decided beforehand, but the date…I’ll let everyone vote on the date. By the way…you don’t have to join project after project. Plus, we won’t have many projects…yet. ^^

What I have in mind right now for the first project...is a mini-horror-drama. But of course, I want to see how many people are interested before anything is confirmed.