View Full Version : FMA Military Uniform pattern

04-21-2007, 08:47 PM
Hey y'all, I need a pattern for your basic military uniform, like the one Sheska wears. If someone could provide me with it or a link to a place I can find one, that would be totally awesome!! Thanks in advance!

04-23-2007, 06:10 PM
The jacket for all the military uniforms is basicly the same.. Sheska wears a short skirt instead of pants..

As for the jacket, I used a civil war pattern for the jacket
civil war pattern (http://www.mccallpattern.com/item/M4745.htm?tab=costumes&page=4)

I used the grey one. It didn't take that much to alter it to make it work, it's a nice pattern too and the bottom portians are a seperate piece you can leave off giving you the short jacket. Hope this helps. I had to make the cuffs and collar sepreatly on mine since the collar in the pattern is very different from the military one.

If you need any more help PM me, I'm glad to share what hints I can.. being a newbie my FMA uniform was my first outfit and I'm proud of it