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04-17-2003, 09:53 PM
Okay well...I've kind of given up on putting myself through any more "Idol" shows until I think my voice is near pro quality. Who needs the ruined self esteem anyway ^^;

But I was wondering, for those of you who are trained singers, what are some basic rules to follow? What's a good way to practice to maintain your voice every day? Ever since I stopped being part of a chorus, my vocal skills have been slowly declining though I can still sing...just not at my full potential.

It means enough to me to want to maintain a good, well-polished voice ^+^ I would appreciate any tips you guys can think of!

04-17-2003, 09:58 PM
don't make your mouth wide, raise your soft pallet in the back of your throat, breath out instead of up and practice pulsing by using your fingers. hmmn also do alot of warm ups before singing @_@;; heh that's pretty god for now I suppose...XD the joys of being in a gei lil advanced choir lol... I sing everyday all the time unless I'm in school and that keeps everything pretty good along with occasionally reading music and renting some CD that has a full range... my goal is to get like the dive in the 5th element... wow what a range on that girl ^^;; hope any of that helped though

04-17-2003, 10:08 PM
Make sure you really work out the words.. opening and closing your mouth with no shape like an anime character won't help. ^^ And sing with passion. Singing with feeling sounds a lot better than just singing regularly. Taking breaths from below the ribcage instead of up in your chest can also help.. Try practicing with that. o.o It helps for voice work in acting. ^^

04-17-2003, 10:13 PM
Yeah, I always hear how closely voice acting and singing are related. Those are some good things to think about and try, thanks guys ^_^

04-18-2003, 02:07 AM
I'm not trained, but I have experience.

First of all, always work on your breathing. Good breathing gives a powerful sound. Make sure you are breathing from your diaphragm (spelled right, I hope ^-^;; ) and not your stomach - your stomach should have no part in this. Also, don't raise your shoulders when you breath - not only is it incorrect,, but it also looks unprofessional. Practice breathing in as much as you can, and then slowly pushing it out until you absolutely have no more air left. You can also make sounds when you let the air out that also help with your articulation - you can go "huh huh huh huh" all the say, or count, or do a scale.

Also, when singing, keep your tongue as low as possible to allow sound and air to go in and out freely. This also opens your throat - a lot of inexperienced singers have that cloudy sound, or are too quiet, due to the fact that they aren't opening their mouth enough. This works especially well when singing in piano. Practice this with singing "oh" with your lips in the shape of a perfect circle - look in the mirror as you do it to acheive the right shape. You can hear the difference - when not opened corrected, you more of an "ah" sound, and opened more is "oh".

Another thing - pracice good posture!! Always!! Stand straight with your arms loose at your side, and one foot slightly in front of the other. Don't lock your knees, or else you may topple over. o.o;; When seated and singing, sit on the edge of your chair - never back. Your feet should be tucked just slightly so that the top of your legs are at a slight angle to the floor.

Wow, I put out more than I thought. ^-^;; I'll stop here. :P

04-18-2003, 05:43 AM
I've managed to pick up alot of information even though I don't sing well myself.

1. Breathe sideways. You want to be able to move your ribs to the side when you inhale through your nose and fill up your entire abdomen with air (or at least, make it feel like you are). If you get a chance, ask someone who is in yoga, tai chi or qi gong classes to show you--their deep breathing technique is one every singer should know.

2. Relax your throat and tongue muscles. You will sound hoarse and nasally if you don't. A good lesson is to press your tongue against the back of your bottom teeth and say the days of the week without moving your tongue from that position. It stretches the muscles of your tongue that are down in your throat, and though you'll sound really strange, it is the best lesson I know for loosening up that hard to relax muscle group.

4. Scales, scales, and more scales. Going through vowel sounds and singing the scales is a great lesson--one you'll hear actors in musicals doing before the show. Once you do the vowels, stick a few consonants in front and do something like: na, ne, ni, no, nu or ma, me, mi, mo, mu (they're the most popular).

5. Don't smoke. Nothing ruins your voice like cigarette smoke. Try to avoid being around people who smoke if you can--second hand smoke can be just as bad.

6. Never move position to sing high or low. Don't think you have to move your body to reach that high or low note. Your brain knows how to make the sound that it hears, and will do everything to replicate it--so don't move! Raising or lowering your head constricts the flow of air, ruining the note. Try to pretend that someone is pulling the note straight from your mouth like a long ribbon--it's a strange visual technique, but it works (or at least, it did on me).

7. Practice. Nothing beats practicing. Some of the actors I know sing a couple hours each day, some only sing thirty minutes a day. It's something you have to decide for yourself. And when you're practicing, sing what you like, and schedule different times to rehearse pieces for a performance.

8. Have fun. Nothing better than that! You never sound good singing if you're in a bad mood. You usually end up straining your voice. Always remember to keep that throat well lubricated with water, and if it gets sore, stop singing immediately or you'll risk developing nodules that can only be removed by surgery.

I'd love to hear you sing--even though I barely hack it as a karaoke act (I only perform when the rest of the audience is well into their cups!), there is nothing I enjoy more than hearing good vocalists. Thumbs up to ya! :D


04-18-2003, 06:01 AM
Sing for you! Thinkt that you're all alone, and use your entire body. You might make some wierd faces, but don't worry about that ^_^ Sing from your tummy not your throat.
If you want to sing strong you should see The Commitments and study how Andrew Strong sings, he's amazing!

04-18-2003, 03:34 PM
Wow! So much good information! Thanks guys ^_^::takes notes, saves page:: Soon imma get some sort of web space and put up vocal samples, and I'll put some links here. Maybe we could all put up some samples in a thread....

04-19-2003, 02:32 AM
If you're going to preform, don't drink soda, orange juice (it has acids) or MILK before you sing. It'll make a layer of icky stuff in your throat and you won't be able to sing to your full ability. Just drink plenty of water, but not too soon before preforming. Drinking something after a warm-up sets you back a little. X_X

Singing in Italian is great for warm-ups, too. :3

04-21-2003, 09:00 PM
O_o ooooh singing info. I could use this a whole lot. Thank you peoples for posting! ^-^ *picks up a microphone and tries to practice some karaoke*

04-22-2003, 04:47 AM
I've learned that going from one octave to another on the same note is pretty good practice. (That sounded confusing so I'll just try and tell ya this way! It's like low C to high C in one breath. low B to high B. low A to high A....and so on and so forth ;))

04-27-2003, 08:43 PM
I am apart of the chorus in my school and the teacher tells me
1. Dont scream or yell before singing it iritates your throght
2. dring tea
3.eat honey it soothes your throght
4. practice your tones every day
5. sing from you stomach