View Full Version : *Grindhouse!*

04-25-2007, 02:32 PM
Ok, so we went to see Grindhouse last night and got a total kick out of it. Anyone thinking about cosplaying from the film for D*C? I think it would be pretty awesome to get a group together for pics that could also include cosplays from other Tarantino and/or Rodruigez films (Kill Bill, Sin City, Pulp Fiction, ect.)...I'm personally only able to go to D*C for one day due to work commitments, but that dosen't mean others can't also organize it, right?

Anyways, we're thinking about doing Dakota and Muldoon from Planet Terror...anyone else?

04-26-2007, 03:11 PM
All I know is that if I see someone with the gun-leg, I'm going to go bonkers with laughter.
The gun-leg rocks!