View Full Version : Kabuki Mask Tutorial

05-04-2007, 10:27 PM
The materials you'll need is:

(Oh yeah here is the link to a pic. I thank yogore for bringing up the subject and for the link to the pic ^^)


A full face mask (Which you can buy at a lot of craft stores)
Black Ribbon
Black paint
Deep red paint
Gloss (Agian, at alot of craft stores. Its usually in a spray can))
Glue of some sort (I highly suggest using a hot glue gun)
Tape (the kind that you sue for painting walls of your house)

1. Gather your materials XD

2. Paint the black on first and CAREFULLY.

3. Let the paint dry ^^

4. Paint the red CAREFULLY.

5. Let the apint dry again ^^

6. Take the tape and make sure it covers EVERYTHING but the red and black paint.

7. Spray the first coat on and let it dry. Repaet one more time.

8. CAREFULLY take the tape off and heat up your hot glue gun.

9. Make sure the black ribbon is cut in two and is teh smae length (Make sure its long enough to tie around your head)

10. Hot glue one end of each ribbon the the INSIDE (you understand what I mean right? xD)

11. Clap because you're done!

I hope this helps you ^^