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05-05-2007, 11:02 PM

First off I apologize if this is in the wrong forum; I tried to find a place where I could request good reference pictures, but I can't find any.

Does anyone possibly have good reference pictures for the Death Note notebook that belongs to Misa? I want to make the prop, but I'd like to be as accurate as possible instead of just making up kinda-similar-looking shinigami letters. I'd like to trace those letters, if possible.

While I only ask for reference pictures, please feel free to share your experiences with making Death Note notebooks (Misa's or Light's). ^^

Thank you!

05-06-2007, 12:24 AM
i looked and found pics but they just look the same. Like they say DEATH NOTE in cool writing. is that what you want?

05-06-2007, 05:53 AM
Well, as in this picture:
it seems you can get away with one that just says Death Note.

You can see in this picture:
though, that her Death Note has something different - I personally used the movie paused on my friend's computer, which she drew on some tape for me. I wouldn't say go off of mine, because of course it's not exactly accurate, and the spray paint got messed up, but I couldn't get/find a screencap, I'll keep looking though. Mine ended up looking like this: http://www.cobrora.com/pix_2007/03_socal_cosplay_gathering/02_1400/slides/IMG_9122.html (pic thanks to Mr. Postman)

Good luck!

Kiri Akurei
05-06-2007, 10:06 AM
Does THIS (http://i13.tinypic.com/4p1ppiv.png) help? Its a screenie from HERE (http://wwws.warnerbros.co.jp/deathnote/).

05-06-2007, 02:01 PM
i looked and found pics but they just look the same. Like they say DEATH NOTE in cool writing. is that what you want?

Oh, no, that would be the notebook that belongs to Light. =) I'm looking for the words in Shinigami language that are used on the cover of Misa's notebook, like the pictures that tweetychick630 and Kiri Akurei posted.

tweetychick630 - Somehow I can't open the first picture that you posted; it loaded 1/4 of the way then stopped. But your Misa notebook looks pretty accurate to me. =) I could use that as an additional reference. Thank you!

Kiri Akurei - It does help, yes. ^^ Thanks!

Kiri Akurei
05-06-2007, 03:36 PM
Awesome, I'm glad I could help some. Also, check ebay. Even if you don't buy it there should be some pictures you can use as a refrence. :3

06-09-2011, 02:51 PM
Alright, what I did to make a Death Note for a friend was to print off the text you want, in the size you want, and color in the back of the paper (the opposite side from the one with the words on it) with graphite- pencil lead. No white of the paper should be showing. You then tape (lightly!) the paper down onto the notebook, graphite side down.

You then firmly color in the words, staying in the lines as best as possible. This is called a graphite transfer. When you untape the paper from the cover of the notebook, the words you want should have been transferred, just as you had traced them.

Then, with a steady hand, color the words in with a silver color. I use metallic sharpie markers, but if you're really good you could use paint.

I don't have any pictures, but hopefully this helps.

06-09-2011, 03:35 PM
The one I used to make my friends notebook was taking a piece of paper and printing on it the words we wanted (it was thick paper like construction or poster board paper) from there we used an Xacto knife and cute the words out and basically used the paper as a stencil. Just taped it down good and tight then lightly painted over it so it left the words perfectly. Also the best place I found to get good looking black notebooks is from either Borders or Staples.

You can also print out the rules from a bunch of different websites online (Would link one if my comp wasn't dying) it just will take a lot of black ink so usually one or two pages are okay you don't need all of them to be a good Misa.

06-09-2011, 08:08 PM
Cutting the letters out and painting around them is just making too much work for yourself, in my opinion.

In the time since I posted last I have made an instructible describing in better detail what I meant. It also has pictures. Heres the link: http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-Death-Note-using-Graphite-Transfer/