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Ranma Saotome
04-21-2003, 01:26 PM
Anime Boston 2003 Con Report

Normally when I make a con report, I always have something to complain about. But this time I kinda donít. Well the music for my skit was messed up, but that happens right? I must say that Anime Boston so totally rocked me the whole weekend! I had a real good time and I will be back next year!


It was me, TyJILdown, Oshi, Studmaster, and soaze leaving Long Island at or around 7AM. We hit Boston around 12:30. We made a minor food stop on the way, which was a given. Minor traffic out of NY, but it wasnít too much of a problem. Oh, but once we hit BostonÖ The streets! Augh! Damn! Those are some horrible one-way streets! What were they thinking! >.< We didnít get our room until 2:30PM. I tell you this; the rooms were mighty big and comfy. ^^ That day I didnít see as many cosplayers, but that is usually the case for a Friday. The karaoke was fun, as well as the dance.


And this is where the ensuing chaos began! The place was packed! The registration line went all around the mezzanine and the lobby! It was so crowded that signs were put up saying that they had reached maximum capacity! Now that is nice for a first time con! Kudos! The photo shoots went down that day. I spoke to some staffers saying that they werenít expecting that many people. Plus they needed more volunteers! Now letís get down to the fun part, the Masquerade!

I did like how the Masquerade was judged. It was judged by experienced cosplayers and not special guests. The judges went into detail on how and why they picked who they wanted and I have a lot of respect for what they did. And after, we all had the chance to talk to them and ask them what they thought of them. This was a great chance to get to know them better.


Ah, the cool down day. I was able to take more pictures. It was just all about relaxing then. They sold out of con shirts. I canít say too much about Sunday since we left early. We got to New York by 7PM, and then Long Island around 8:15. I myself got back home around 11:35PM.

Personal Thoughts:

I, myself loved the con. I enjoyed the weekend. I cannot scream and shout how much I loved it. I just want to say to the AB staff that you guys did a great job and went above and beyond the call of duty! You guys deserve a pat on the back! And to the Cosplay judges, Lillichan, Tristen Citrine, Michi Kaioh, Haruka and Kimberly Rose, I just want to sayÖ Thank you!  You have gained a new fan for life! And thatís it for my con report! I will see you guys at Animazement 2003!

-DJ Ranma S: The Booty Project
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