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Zephyr Rhapsody
04-21-2003, 05:47 PM
Anime Boston sure was a lot of fun, but it was also a lot of fun to be staff. I was in charge of three game shows there, and am interested in any and all opinions.

The first game show, Anime Name That Tune, is our classic piece. We wanted to incorporate a video, but alas we apparently did not have the correct tech available at the time. Nevertheless, I felt it was fun and I hope everybody agrees.

Secondly, we decided to launch a test-game called "Taboo-sensei OR How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Game Show." We named it this because we were worrying more about its actual performance than anything silly like its title - plus we're rather big Kubrik fans. I must attest that this "test-game" was very successful, very fun, and, hence, very surprising. Steve Bennett (who admitted once working with CLAMP and awed the audience with stories) and mascot Darcy were great additions, though we apologize for not having Scott Frazier as well because of his inability to make it for personal reasons. However, it was still a blast and might actually make for a good permanent game show in the Zephyr line-ups.

Lastly, even though I was only drafted to write the questions for "Win Chris Beveridge's DVDs," some staff work was keeping the intended host from making it, so I was asked to do it in her stead. There were a few minor glitches and awkwardnesses because of this last minute (literally a half an hour before the game began) change, but I felt it worked out well. I thought we had great contestants (as we did for each other game), a great audience (ditto), and enough humor, challenges, and great prizes to make it a blast for everyone. Where else can you find category titles like "Is that a War in your Pocket or are you just Having Stardust Memories?"

Nevertheless, maybe you agree or maybe you are more skeptical or more critical about the results about any or all of these games. Let me know what you think and thank you everyone!

- Corey (Zephyr Game Shows)

Zephyr Rhapsody
04-25-2003, 03:42 AM
Gee, you guys are a lot of help! :snicker snicker:

04-25-2003, 10:14 PM
I only got to see the end of Taboo-sensei but it looked like so much fun!! Everyone was having a great time. Those of us in the audience were snickering at some of the attempts and I have to say that Steve Bennett definitely added so much to your game.

Anyway, if you were looking for a game to repeat, this is definitely a good one. I think the size of the room was perfect (any more and there'd be too much background talk).

There I contributed ^_^

Zephyr Rhapsody
04-26-2003, 01:13 AM
A fine reply indeed. Thank you.

That's one. Now if only someone else would have seen at least one of the three and would like to respond.

- Corey

PS Anything anyone would like to see in '04? This is the time to mention it.

04-27-2003, 12:05 AM
The gameshows were great. Cool original ideas and the titles of the stuff in win Chris Beverage's DVD's was hilarious.
A funny idea I came up with for another show possibility would be Beat of the Otaku or something similar, a take off from Beat the Geeks from the Comedy Channel. Havent really thought it out much beyond that, but it seems pretty easily to implement.

Zephyr Rhapsody
04-27-2003, 01:37 AM
Again, thank you for your reply.

We have considered "Beat the Geeks" many times in the past and are still up in the air about it. Many people have approached us with this idea already, but it's a lot harder to work out than meets the eye. Assembling a group of "gurus" from various anime genres is incredibly difficult for any single show, as well as some of the mechanics of the game itself. I do, however, thank you for your ideas.

I am going to make an offer right now. If there is anybody that believes they have a good idea for a game show, they can email me at Kumada6@aol.com and tell me them. I will offer a suitable prize for anyone that comes up with a good idea that we will later use for entertaining the otaku crowds - our primary goal, of course. Our group, Zephyr Game Shows, is alive and well because of everyone out there, after all.

Also, I would like to address our future. Zephyr Game Shows will be active at Ikasucon (July, Cincinnati), Anime USA (Autumn, Falls Church VA), and I will now announce that we have been cordially invited to perform at least one game show at Otakon (August, Baltimore). While specific information is still unavailable, I will keep everyone updated as information is revealed.

Thank you everyone for giving us the chance to help each convention a little bit better. Have fun, Minna-san.

- Corey

04-28-2003, 12:31 AM
I only saw the win chris's dvds section.....and then myself and some friends ended up with your set of question cards somehow. ^^;;;

I must say that I enjoyed it myself, and I thought you were a great host for the show since you were both friendly and had a great sense of humour. Definitely a cool production overall.

The one main issue that probably cropped up cuz of lack of checking, was the inaccuracy of a few of the questions. I'm sure that's easily fixed though. The one other thing that would have helped...would have been more monkey d luffy's ;) Or at least maybe some qualifying aspect so we don't end up with 3 people looking at questions with blank faces... I know myself, riki, and a number of others were just falling over at the number of shows people hadn't seen.

Zephyr Rhapsody
04-28-2003, 01:56 AM
As previously stated, I was asked to do Win Chris's DVDs literally about half an hour beforehand, so whatever aspects for choosing contestants wasn't my spiel. Like I said, it wasn't even my show. We figured for the size of the crowd and how many contestants we used total (9), the way of getting selected wasn't so bad. So we let the mascot-ish girl do whatever (she was dressed as Lafiel from "Crest of the Stars" and "Seikai no Senki," so she got my vote because her character's a babe). It was the call of Chris and the vice con chair - a call that I don't think was so bad. However, it was unfortunate that we didn't get contestants. It seems to me, through my game show experience, that even if you quiz people beforehand, there's always an unselected group in the audience knowing more than the contestants. That's why we have Super Cool.

Someone came up to me after the show and asked for my questions, so I said to myself, "Meh... why not?" and gave them to him. Apparently that was you guys. I know one misunderstanding was over 'misnaming' Esmeralda, Queen E. I did this on purpose to make sure the contestants knew of whom I was speaking. I'd be interested in finding out what other questions were off a bit, so email me at Kumada6@aol.com concerning this. I'd really be interested.

Anyways, glad you guys had a good time. Catch me up at a future convention (like there aren't enough of them) and try again. Either way, you're getting Super Cool.


- Corey

PS Yes. Everyone needs more Monkey D. Luffy's.